Burhan Zahrai

C100 Valley-Search The steed of this Valley is patience; without patience the wayfarer on this journey will reach nowhere and attain, no goal…  Baha’u’llah (Persian)

C101Valley-Love …The steed of this Valley is pain; and if there be no pain this journey will never end…  Baha’u’llah (Persian)

C102Valley-Knowledge …in the ocean he findeth a drop, in a drop he beholdeth the secrets of the sea…  Baha’u’llah (Persian)

C103 Valley-Unity …How can utter nothingness gallop its steed in the field of pre-existence, or a fleeting shadow reach to the everlasting sun?  Baha’u’llah (Persian)

C104 Valley-Contentment The pen steppeth not, into this region, the ink leaveth only a blur…  Baha’u’llah (Persian)

C105 Valley-Wonderment …At every moment he beholdeth a wondrous world, a new creation, and goeth from astonishment to astonishment, and is lost in awe at the works of the Lord of Oneness…  Baha’u’llah (Persian)

C106 Valley-True Poverty. ..In the city, even the veils of light are split asunder and vanish away…  Baha’u’llah (Persian)

C107 The Sun of Truth is the Word of God.  Baha’u’llah (Persian)

C113 The Earth is But One Country.  Baha’u’llah (Persian) 

C116 O SON OF MAN! Thou art My dominion and My dominion perisheth not,… (All of the Hidden Word)  Baha’u’llah (Arabic)

C118 I entreat Thee by the transcendent glory of Thy cause and the supreme potency of Thy Word to grant confirmation unto him who desireth to offer what Thou hast prescribed unto him in Thy Book and to observe that which will shed forth the fragrance of Thine acceptance.Verily, thou art the All-Mighty, The All Gracious, The All-Forgiving, the All-Generous.  Baha’u’llah (Arabic)

C119 Consort with people of all religions in a spirit of joy and fellowship.  Baha’u’llah (Arabic)

C124 In the Name of God the Glorious the Most Glorious one. (Arabic) 

C128 Man is the supreme talisman.  Baha’u’llah (Persian) 

C129 O people of the world, the faith of God is for love and unity, make it not the cause of strife and dissension.  Baha’u’llah (Persian)

C133 Is there any remover of difficulties save God?  The Bab (Arabic)

C134 All-Praise to Him who by the Shield of this Covenant, hath guarded the Temple of His Cause.  Abdul-Baha (Arabic)

C136 I have made death a messenger of joy to thee.  Baha’u’llah (Arabic)

C137 All on the earth shall pass away; and this is the face of your Lord, the Almighty, the Well-Beloved.  Baha’u’llah (Arabic)

C138 Glory not in love for your country but in love for all mankind.  Baha’u’llah (Arabic)

C141 Say: Behold ye not the world, its changes and chances, and its varying colours? Wherefore are ye satisfied with it and with all the things therein? Open your eyes and be of them that are endued with insight . Baha’u’llah (Arabic) 

C143 Blessed are the servants and maidservants that have performed their deeds and blessed is the man that hath cleaved tenaciously unto praiseworthy acts and fulfilling that which is enjoined upon him in the book of God, the Lord of the worlds.  Baha’u’llah (Arabic)

C144 Blessed is the rich man whose earthly possessions have been powerless to hinder from turning unto God, the lord of all names. Verily he is accounted among the most distinguished of men before God, the Gracious, the All-knowing.  Baha’u’llah (Arabic)

C145 Blessed are the poor, that are steadfast in patience and woe betide the rich that hold back Huququ’llah and fail to observe that which is enjoined upon them in His Preserved Tablet.  Baha’u’llah (Arabic)

C146 Make me as dust in the pathway of Thy loved one.  Abdul-Baha (Arabic)

C149 O Exalted of the most Exalted one!

C152 It behoveth everyone to cleave tenaciously unto that which is conducive to the exaltation of the Cause of God, your Lord, the Mighty, the Powerful.  Baha’u’llah (Arabic)

From http://www.arabiccalligraphy.ca/  — Burhan Zahrai was a student, and then later an instructor at BBS (Beirut Baptist School).  He now lives in Montreal where he is self-employed as a calligrapher and pendant designer.

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    • Jeff Ramey on January 14, 2018 at 9:14 pm

    Thank you.

    I’d like to ask your permission to change some/all of these into embroidery on shirts.

    The work will be done as exactly as possible.

    • Jacques on January 21, 2018 at 1:41 pm


    You’ll need to reach out to Burhan Zahrai and ask — these are not mine to grant permission… There’s a link at the bottom of the post.


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