Obama sitting on the throne


InkSpot-main_FullDear editor:

America is in deep trouble! Trouble? From what?

Is it from radical Islamic terrorism? Al-Qaida? ISIS or Islamic State?

Not even close — it’s global warming! That’s right! That’s what the Obama administration told us recently. They said that “the danger from global warming is far more dangerous to us than extreme (not Islamic) terrorism!”

Now I will agree that we will likely experience a great deal more of “global warming” when Iran gets the nuclear bomb! So warm that major American cities like New York, Chicago and Los Angeles might have a real meltdown!

Does that seem too hard to believe? Former UN Ambassador John Bolton said in December 2014 that he wouldn’t be surprised if Iran had those nukes in just a few months! That’s this year! (Bolton is extremely intelligent and certainly is on top of everything on the world scene.)

In addition, we have satellite photos clearly showing that Iran has larger ICBMs (long-range missiles) than ever before. That means that they are getting very close to being able to drop atomic bombs on both Israel and America!

Keep in mind that Iran is the largest sponsor of Islamic terrorism! They hate us and have vowed to destroy us! And our feckless commander in deceit would have us believe that global warming is our real problem. Is that what the evidence is telling us?

The way that Obama has made nearly all of his decisions to obviously help our Muslim enemies to grow stronger makes a great many of us seriously wonder about whose side Obama is really on. Look how he has turned his back on our old friend, Israel. By doing that, he is taking sides with our Islamic terrorist enemies!

America (which is still a fairly Christian nation) has always stood by our longtime Jewish ally and been ready to help protect her. With the Muslim-sympathizing Obama sitting on the throne, Israel can no longer count on our help.

Never fear — Israel will survive! The Bible assures us of that. Since America no longer has Israel’s back, why do you think the Bible tells us how that God Almighty will personally intervene on behalf of His beloved chosen people?

Read about it yourself in Ezekiel 38-39, which plainly reveals how that the invading forces will be annihilated by God before any damage falls upon Israel. Israel will stand alone when attacked by a massive military coalition from the north. But God is all powerful and whenever anyone goes against Israel, the Bible informs us that they are also picking a fight with God!

A great many Christians truly believe that God’s ancient covenant promise with Israel still applies today. “I will bless those who bless you and whoever curses you I will curse” (Genesis 12:3).

The very most important matter for all of us is to make absolutely sure that we are ready to meet God. Repent of your sins and trust Jesus to save you before it is too late!

Lloyd Hoffman
Hot Springs

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