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InkSpot-main_FullDear editor:

If Lou Holtz’s assessment is correct that America’s division is between the workers and the nonworkers, our leaders’ first order of business should be to address why government dependency is escalating. Trump was not my first choice either, but if you are a patriotic American citizen, Democratic, Republican or independent, and have doubts about voting for Trump, please consider the following:

Saul Alinsky’s 1971, “Rules for Radicals” book that was dedicated to Lucifer could be considered the authority on how to destroy a democracy. It is interesting that President Obama taught “Alinsky 101” at the University of Chicago, occasionally still quotes him, and that Hillary wrote her thesis on Alinsky.

I believe that leadership, patterned after Alinsky-style teachings, is responsible for the escalating number of dependent people in our country. Summarized below is my understanding of what Alinsky taught. May I suggest that you research his “Rules for Radicals” and see if you agree?


  1. Control health care and you control the people.
  2. Increase poverty because people dependent on government for livelihood do not resist.
  3. Lead nation into unsustainable debt, higher taxes and more debt.
  4. Control/eliminate guns to prevent effective resistance to a police state-type government.
  5. Control food and livestock production, housing and income to assure government dependency.
  6. Control what children are taught in schools and discourage all concepts of property rights.
  7. Remove, ridicule, if necessary, all reference to faith in God from government and schools.
  8. Make it easier to tax workers to support nonworkers by creating class warfare between wealthy and poor and between races.


Only a small percentage of the 1.6 billion Muslims in the world are radical Muslim murderers. In the meantime, only a small percentage of nonradical Muslim’s speak out in opposition to the atrocities of ISIS and other radical Muslims. A review of World War II Holocaust history reveals reason for silence of nonradical Muslims.

Only a small percentage of the Germans were members of the Gestapo (a terrorist secret police organization). Most German citizens were probably good people and did not speak out against the Gestapo in fear of consequences.

Obama is bringing tens of thousands of Muslims into the USA without knowing which ones are radical. Radicals are targeting those who openly demonstrate lifestyles they oppose and those who write letters like this one. The ultimate plan of radical Muslims is to control the world and eliminate every non-Muslim, including you and me.

Before you vote, why not do a little personal research on the relationship of President Obama and Hillary with Saul Alinsky. My amateur research revealed that when Alinsky was questioned about his belief on life after death, he responded that if there was an afterlife and he had anything to say about it, he would unreservedly choose to go to hell. When he was asked “why,” he said that once he arrived in hell, he’d start organizing the “have-nots” there.

Robert Sowell
Hot Springs

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