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The legality of retroactive abortion


From today’s Sentinel Record comes the very latest in a long line of beyond-silly rants by the inimitable [name deleted], one of our many petite soirée d’enfants terribles village idiots in this once-upon-a-time oasis of progressive thinking.  Behold as she retches forth the sage wisdom of Sarah Palin, Larry Klayman, and John Guandolo.

Palin needs no introduction.  Some clown paint perhaps, but no introduction.  Klayman is the “watch me!” right-wingnut founder of Judicial Watch and Freedom … [more]

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Terror, terror, terror, terror

A word of advice about the Middle East – we’ve reached the ‘tipping point’ with cliches

By Robert Fisk, Sunday 23 December 2012


Remember the days when we thought Egypt’s path to democracy was a done deal? Western-trained Mohamed Morsi had invited the people to come and meet him in Hosni Mubarak’s former presidential palace, the old military toffs in the “Supreme Council of the Armed Forces” had been pensioned off and the International Monetary Fund was waiting … [more]

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Some kind of personality disorder

What’s wrong with Mitt Romney?

By , Friday, Jul 27, 2012 07:00 AM CDT


I have an idea for Mitt Romney: Release your tax returns today. Your coverage can’t get any worse than it’s been in the last 48 hours or so, and with any luck, your tax issues will distract the global media from your disastrous London anti-diplomacy.

Boy, Sarah Palin must be happy. With British sources blasting Romney (anonymously) as “worse than Palin,” there’s some … [more]

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Can you get a rash?

The bane of Bain and Mitt Romney’s diminishing tax returns

By , Wednesday 18 July 2012 18.06 EDT


It’s been a long week for Governor Guess-My-Worthiness: Mitt Romney.

For those of you too busy collecting a six-figure paycheck for a job you no longer do, this is a reminder that it’s Day Five in “The Hunt for the Real Bain CEO”.

Yes, as this story unfolds, it has been inspiring to watch those intrepid reporters … [more]

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It’s racism, pure and simple

Tea Party Racism Stirs the Republican Martini.

By Reflections of a shallow pond, June 21, 2012 3:55PM



Last weekend at a Republican party convention at the Missoula, Montana  Hilton, an outhouse labeled “Obama Presidential Library” was plunked  down in the middle of the hotel parking lot.

Ha! Good one.

The exterior of the portable comfort station was riddled with fake  bullet holes. Inside, a pretend birth certificate for Barack Hussein  Obama was stamped “bullshit,” and jotted on … [more]

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Trojan horse for the New World Order

Alabama defeats communism with anti-sustainability law

By , Saturday, Jun 23, 2012 11:00 AM CDT


With chronic budget shortfalls, dangerously overcrowded prisons and the nation’s biggest municipal bankruptcy filing, we here in Alabama have a lot on our minds.

But at least we can cross one worry off the list: Our property cannot be confiscated by the United Nations or any of its myriad stealth agents in the name of “sustainability,” “smart growth” or “environmentalism.”

For … [more]

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Smug fecundity

Romney, Santorum and archaic ideas on fertility

By  , March 2, 2012

Between them, Mitt Romney and Rick Santorum have as many children — 12 — as there were tribes of Israel. Ron Paul has five of his own, and in an early debate, perhaps unwilling to be outdone by Michele Bachmann’s fostering of dozens, Paul boasted that when he worked as a physician he delivered “4,000 babies.”

There’s nothing wrong with big families, of course. But … [more]

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