Børre demands an explanation

 Europeans, and perhaps most Americans along the two coasts, have been more or less secular for so long that they probably can’t understand the depth or political clout of the religious mythology surrounding Israel.  It has completely trumped rational thought.  It is bad theology and it’s definitely bad foreign policy, but this bizarre love affair Fundamentalist Christians have with Pragmatic Israelis has built an all-but-impenetrable force field around the idea of even questioning our carte-blanche support or their insatiable appetite for military toys.

Has anyone been watching CNN’s series “God’s Warriors?”  This morning, they were doing a story about illegal settlements in Occupied Palestine which seemed to do a pretty good job of exposing just how far the most radical Israelis will go to get their way.  I noticed that there were not very few commercials, but I have not read anything about a boycott.  It featured a NY congressman and his wife — they are very successful at raising money here in the states so Jews can buy up Arab properties in East Jerusalem.  If other Americans were to show that much loyalty to any other country that violates half as many international laws as Israel does, they’d be accused of treason or aiding and abetting terrorists.

The present situation really is distressing and disgusting.  I can’t see how the next batch of politicians is going to make much of a difference.

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