He was too stuck up


Dear editor:

When someone is lying and doing a bunch of crooked stuff and you know they’re lying and doing a bunch of crooked stuff and you’re OK with them lying and doing a bunch of crooked stuff, well, don’t expect a great outcome.

Hillary — maybe that’s “what happened.” Why didn’t the NFL players go to the White House while the first black POTUS, Barack Hussein Obama, was there for eight years? Could it be they knew he was too stuck up to go to those lesser than himself? Could it be they’re too stuck up also?

God never fails!

Hey to my friends!

God bless America. America, bless and stand up for God!

Mary Robinson
Hot Springs






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    • Mike Nunn on October 23, 2017 at 10:23 am

    The only question is whether she is the meanest person in the city or the stupidest. My guess is both.

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