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I know for a fact

      Dear editor: I would like to comment on Donald Trump saying many Muslims in New Jersey were celebrating when the twin towers fell. The media was all over him for voicing this. I know for a fact…  [more]

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Oh brother where art thou?

    Dear editor, Oh my little brother, where art thou NOW?!  Week after week your letters, pregnant with petulant, prattling preachery raging against the black man in the White House, parade your naked paranoia and your ponderous morality for…  [more]

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Fooled by Obama?

  Dear editor: While listening to conservative talk radio commentator Mark Levin recently, he said this about Obama — “We have never had a president in the White House that hates Christians and Jews like Barack Obama does!” I personally…  [more]

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A prosperous economic system

Yes, the Civil War Was About Slavery

By , December 24, 2010 INTRODUCTION Baptists and other white Americans North and South during the Civil War-era were unequivocal: secession, the existence of the Confederate States of America, and the…  [more]

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Correct reading, it used to work wonders


Kamal Salibi: Scholar and teacher regarded as one of the foremost historians of the Middle East

By Robert Fisk, Wednesday 07 September 2011   Almost two decades ago, recording a BBC radio programme on Islam, I dropped by the…  [more]

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Funny things

Dear editor, This is a letter about funny things. A random collection perhaps, but some readers may discern a veritable fountain of flummery, deep and wide, that flows through them all. Funny thing about that young bigot slaughtering all those…  [more]

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An uneasy pressure

    Some men look at constitutions with sanctimonious reverence, and deem them like the arc of the covenant, too sacred to be touched. They ascribe to the men of the preceding age a wisdom more than human, and suppose…  [more]

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