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Aim high

Harvard A Terrorist-Training Camp?

By Andrew Sullivan, 04 Mar 2011 02:48 pm

That, believe it or not, is now being taught in the US Air Force Anti-Terrorism Training Course. Above is a slide used in the course. Among other things this tax-payer funded course teaches:

And CAIR is obviously a “Muslim Extremist Platform”, not a special interest lobby:

http://andrewsullivan.theatlantic.com/the_daily_dish/2011/03/harvard-a-terrorist-training-camp.html or http://bit.ly/gRx95e or http://tinyurl.com/6ep37tw

Note:  “Aim High” is the new Air Force motto, having recently beat out “Fly, Fight, Win” after … [more]

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Vouchsafe unto us, we pray thee

King James Bible: ‘Twas a work most modern

By Stephen Tomkins, Tuesday 1 March 2011 13.05 GMT

Everyone from Richard Dawkins to Sarah Palin seems agreed that the King James Bible is Basically A Good Thing and wishes it many happy returns. It’s more majestic than modern translations, easier to follow than Shakespeare, has enlivened English by translating Hebrew idiom literally, and is the genesis of 257 phrases that you use every day. (Don’t say you don’t. … [more]

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The ugly face of Islamophobia in Orange County, California

Posted by Richard Adams Thursday 3 March 2011 21.05 GMT


The Southern California chapter of the Islamic Circle of North America Relief USA organised a fundraising dinner in Orange County, last month. But guess who also turned up? A motley collection of protesters who can be seen here chanting in the above video distributed by the Council on American-Islamic Relations civil rights group:

As the video shows, the … [more]

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“The Moo-slims are coming!  The Moo-slims are coming!” 

I normally reserve the photo below for Glenn Beck’s chalk-talk wackadoodlery, but today’s editorial by “motivational consultant” Jim Davidson is an occasion for making an exception.

Here in the Natural State of hyper-fertility, where Quiverfull advocates like Jim Bob Duggar and his reality show puppy-mill family are desperately cranking out little baby Christians, Davidson fancies himself a latter-day Paul Revere.

– Monsieur d’Nalgar

America’s biggest loophole

By Jim Davidson of Conway
Motivational … [more]

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Mahfouz’s prophesy

Note:  Raouf is a dear friend.  It is very likely our paths crossed in Lebanon, in the early 1960s.  We reconnected, after more than 30 years, on the eve of my son’s college education at the same institution where Dr. Halaby now professes…

– Monsieur d’Nalgar

Mahfouz’s Prophesy

By Raouf J. Halaby, February 15, 2011

During the past sixty years US politicians have convinced Americans citizens that some of the world’s tyrants and dictators are “strong and dependable allies … [more]

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The rape of Lara Logan

Warning:  This post contains language that may be offensive  to some readers.  Not as offensive as the violation of women described herein, but nevertheless, consider yourselves warned…

– Monsieur d’Nalgar

Lara Logan assaulted in Egypt

By Jill, on 2.16.2011

CBS Journalist Lara Logan was physically and sexually assaulted in Egypt this week (trigger warning for this whole post):

In the crush of the mob, she was separated from her crew. She was surrounded and suffered a brutal … [more]

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The power of humiliation

I normally don’t – won’t – re-post anything by Mr. Friedman, but in this op-ed, in a single sentence, there is a powerful warning for every oppressor of those blighted spots on this planet where people yearn for their certain unalienable Rights:

“Humiliation is the single most powerful human emotion, and overcoming it is the second most powerful human emotion.”

– Monsieur d’Nalgar

Out of Touch, Out of Time

By Thomas L. Friedman, February 10, 2011

CAIRO:  Watching President … [more]

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