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I (heart) Jennifer


I (heart) Emily

By “The Observer” at the Arkansas Times, December 15, 2016   The Observer, being a known libtard, has been trying to do our part to shore up the sagging spirits of friends since the election.…  [more]

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Little brother


Biblical truth

A letter to the editor in the November 27, 2016 Sentinel Record   Dear editor: God still speaks to us in various ways — however, as many of you probably realize, He most often speaks through…  [more]

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Some random reflections

Some random reflections…

    First, it was nice to meet many of you for the first time.  Your determination to try to make a progressive difference so soon after last week’s regressive election is heartening.  I hope I get…  [more]

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Thank you!

  Dear editor, We the People are about to roll the dice and elect our next president.  Just enough time left to dash off a few well-deserved thank you notes… So first of all, a great big thank you to…  [more]

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    Dear editor: OK, we have the mainstream media against Trump from the beginning. Constant negatives and none for Hillary. Progressives obviously control the media. Hopefully our voters are educating themselves with alternative means of news besides the mainstream…  [more]

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Cheez Whiz and lye

  Dear editor: Mister Sniffles’ ardent fans often attempt a diversionary tactic to deflect each and every criticism of their much-prayed-for sweet potato.  It’s an old debating trick to ignore the critics and instead demand an immediate and compelling explanation…  [more]

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The full measure of its guilt

“Some People Push Back”: On the Justice of Roosting Chickens

By Ward Churchill, September 12, 2001   When queried by reporters concerning his views on the assassination of John F. Kennedy in November 1963, Malcolm X famously – and quite…  [more]

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