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The survival of Christianity in America


A vote for Christianity

  Dear editor: On Page 10A of our Sept. 5, 2016, newspaper, “Letters to the editor,” a letter from Dianne Kelly was mentioned under the title “Why pray for Trump?” If Ms. Kelly had…  [more]

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Americans push back

Dear editor:   [Jacques d’Nalgar]’s letter of Aug. 15 was a rant about how horrible America has become. His final paragraphs said “America, once upon a time, we were a beacon of hope and hospitality for…  [more]

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35 documented terrorist training camps

  Dear editor: Stephanie, Dr. Sternberg’s position and mine havenothing to do with “hate” and everything to do with public safety. The last two terrorist attacks in America were committed by Muslims who trained at their local gun…  [more]

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The things you should really fear

God bless the boogeymen

By Monsieur d’Nalgar, June 15 2016 CE   Hocus pocus, mumbo jumbo, higgity piggity, radical Islamic terrorism.  Now throw in an alakazam! and a few hooahs and mumble this magic incantation, over and over, louder and…  [more]

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So many questions!

  Dear editor, Once again, America has experienced terrorism. Once again, President Obama refuses to label it for what it was. Despite a Muslim swearing allegiance to ISIS, Obama refuses to call it radical, Islamic terrorism. To him, it’s a…  [more]

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The Passion of Bernie Sanders

Holy week at the church of state

By Jacques d’Nalgar, June 10 2016 CE   Looking back on the events of this week — the media’s concerted effort to demoralize Tuesday’s primary voters and their barely-constrained glee at Bernie’s subsequent…  [more]

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All too dumbed-down


Differs on Trump

  Dear editor: John “Doc” Crawford stated in his May 21 letter that Donald Trump has a “lack of tolerance for Muslims.” He then said that “for all Christian voters, this should demonstrate an inconsistency with…  [more]

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