Jul 17 2015

Funny things

Dear editor,

This is a letter about funny things. A random collection perhaps, but some readers may discern a veritable fountain of flummery, deep and wide, that flows through them all.

Funny thing about that young bigot slaughtering all those people away yonder in a Charleston church just a few weeks ago. Suddenly there’s a surge of patriotism right here in Hot Springs. Grown men and women are waving flags, honking horns, and revving engines. Loud and proud they are once … [more]

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Jul 04 2015

40 years after

Ode to Nam on the 40th Anniversary of its End

By J. Randall O’Brien, February 15, 2015


He came home from Nam
But never made it back.
I saw him last just before
He left for the war.

We celebrated his return
His presence being our only lack.
Cheering glasses were raised
Repeatedly before

We noticed his eyes and long hair were with us
But not his mind.
After the party he walked to the Vietnam memorial
And killed … [more]

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Jul 04 2015

An uneasy pressure



Back in January 2014, I wrote this:

“We are told by political fundamentalists that even our America, born in the crucible of colonial tyranny long ago, must be forever held hostage by the ‘original intent’ of those powdery old white men who signed the U.S. Constitution (rumor has it, by the flickering light from a burning bush on Mount Sinai).  It’s peculiar of course, but apparently only certain fundamentalists can rightly divine original intent…”

Yesterday, a Facebook friend posted a … [more]

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Jun 23 2015

Every reason to resist

In Israel, we walk amongst killers and torturers

By , Jun. 22, 2015 12:48 AM


In our homes, our streets and our places of work and entertainment, there are thousands of people who killed and tortured thousands of other people or supervised their killing and torture. I write “thousands” as a substitute for the vaguer “countless” – an expression for something that cannot be measured.

The vast majority of those who kill and torture (now as well) are proud … [more]

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Jun 22 2015

The Passion of George Zimmerman

We now know that Dylann Roof, the young man who murdered nine people in Charleston last week, left behind a manifesto.  And from it, we know that the killer’s Damascus-road conversion happened once he believed in the righteousness of the Passion of George Zimmerman, the Miami vigilante who gunned down a black teenager for wearing a hoodie and carrying Skittles.

But what informed his deadly opinions about the Trayvon Martin case?  Where did his virulent racism, his born-again awakening about … [more]

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Jun 16 2015

Tree of liberty

A Modest Proposal

By The Observer, June 11 2015


In recognition of Gov. Asa Hutchinson’s recently opining that the open carry of firearms is, as he understands it, legal now under Arkansas law as long as the person doing the carrying doesn’t intend to commit a crime, The Observer is pleased to announce the next step in the ongoing fight to preserve and defend the Right to Bear Arms: The Open Carry of Large Butcher Knives, Rusty Machetes … [more]

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Jun 13 2015

A quiet, respectful carnival

Champagne days

By Will Stephenson, April 02, 2015



A weekend in Hot Springs. City of ghosts and cracked porcelain doorknobs. Where old-world tourism once bloomed in the shadow of the Ouachita Mountains — a place of yellowed decadence, amphibious tour buses and wax statues of recent U.S. presidents. A city whose most prized attributes are underground: the geothermal wellsprings, the much-hyped subterranean mob tunnels. Steam rises off the public fountains along Central Avenue. Men wear their sunglasses … [more]

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