Sep 30 2015

A terrible, very bad, no good speaker

The Blackmail Caucus, a.k.a. the Republican Party

By Paul Krugman, Sept. 28, 2015


John Boehner was of the House. Under his leadership, Republicans pursued an unprecedented strategy of scorched-earth obstructionism, which did immense damage to the economy and undermined America’s credibility around the world.

Still, things could have been worse. And under his successor they almost surely will be worse. Bad as Mr. Boehner was, he was just a symptom of the underlying malady, the madness that has consumed … [more]

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Aug 31 2015

Correct reading, it used to work wonders



Kamal Salibi was my Facebook friend for just a few months. Before he died in 2011, he told me that the greatest pleasure he got from his theories was seeing how crazy it made the Israelis. Making hasbara trolls crazy seems to be the best litmus test of how close you’re getting to the real truth about Israel…

~ Monseiur Jacques d’Nalgar

Kamal Salibi: Scholar and teacher regarded as one of the foremost historians of the Middle East


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Aug 24 2015

Apoplexy of fear and hatred

Brigitte Gabriel is a vicious and probably deranged Islamophobe

By Hussein Ibiish, October 1, 2009


A lot of readers seemed to benefit from and enjoy my evaluation of Irshad Manji from yesterday’s Ibishblog posting, and I have been asked to give my views on another charmer, called Brigitte Gabriel. I argued that Manji is not an Islamophobe as has sometimes been alleged, but that she is an anti-Arab racist and an ignoramus to boot. About Gabriel, there can … [more]

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Aug 12 2015

And here a miracle occurs

The Myth of a Better Deal

By Stephen M. Walt, August 10, 2015


Foreign policy is serious business, because getting it wrong has real consequences. When countries conduct foreign policy in a cavalier or incompetent way, real human beings lose their lives or end up much poorer than they would otherwise have been. In extreme cases, states that mismanage relations with the outside world end up completely isolated and maybe even conquered and occupied. This is rarely, if … [more]

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Aug 08 2015

A legendary brawler

Debate, WWWF-style

By , August 06, 2015


Back in 1957, when Donald Trump and I were both in middle school, I used to have this running argument with my grandfather, Bill Connors. A retired railroad worker and a drinking man, Pop lived in Elizabethport, N.J., a couple of blocks from where the tracks running down Broadway ended at the harbor.

When visiting grandchildren proved too much for the old man, he’d retreat to his linoleum-floored front room … [more]

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Aug 06 2015

Detailed, orderly and articulate

Obama Isolates Netanyahu as Head of Warmongers

By , Aug 06, 2015 12:34 AM


WASHINGTON – Some 200 people gathered at a plaza named for Saudi King Salman at American University in Washington on Wednesday and waited for U.S. President Barack Obama’s address on the nuclear deal reached last month with Iran. A greater irony would be hard to imagine, unless it were a plaza named for Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Obama, meanwhile, seemed to have adopted … [more]

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Aug 05 2015

Olei HaGardom

The Problem With Netanyahu’s Response to Jewish Terror

By J.J. Goldberg, August 4, 2015


When you leave Jerusalem’s Western Wall plaza through the Dung Gate out of the Old City, your gaze turns naturally southward toward another hill glimmering in the distance, across the Valley of Hinnom. Christian tradition calls it the Hill of Evil Counsel, where the high priest Caiaphas consulted his aides before ordering Jesus arrested.

In Hebrew it’s known as Armon HaNatziv, “the Commissioner’s Palace,” after … [more]

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