Aug 17 2014

Visions of ethnic purity and supremacy

What a rising demand for the sperm of IDF soldiers and a “fun” questionnaire reveal about Israel

By Ilan Pappé, Sunday 17 August 2014


The public debate in this country about the Gaza crisis has some familiar features. The public at large deems Israel’s actions as war crimes, while the government and mainstream media justify Israel’s action as self-defence. One of the main reasons for this gap seems to be that social activists know Israel much better … [more]

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Aug 17 2014

Our brightest lights are extinguishing themselves

Robin Williams’ divine madness will no longer disrupt the sadness of the world

By , Tuesday 12 August 2014 12.12 EDT


I’d been thinking about Robin Williams a bit recently. His manager Larry Bresner told me that when Robin was asked by a German journalist on a press junket why the Germans had a reputation for humourlessness that Williams replied, “Because you killed all the funny people.”

Robin Williams was exciting to me because he seemed to … [more]

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Aug 17 2014

Sired by Abraham


Monsieur d’Nalgar:  This bit of revered asininity appeared in today’s letters to the editor

A historic event


Dear editor:

I don’t know how many of your readers realize that our world is experiencing an historic event this month. In the month of August, in the year of our Lord 1191, mankind saw, as we witness today, five Fridays, five Saturdays, and five Sundays.

This event occurs once every 823 years.

What was going on in the world … [more]

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Aug 16 2014

How about a War on War?

War Is People Too

By Jeffrey Hutchins, 2014


It’s very interesting that Corporations are now legally invested with nearly all the same rights and protections as individual people. We have made Corporations the second androids: beings made out of non-living parts.

The first android, of course, was Religion. Every person’s vision of God or No God is so sacrosanct in America that we allow no laws that deal with the establishment of any particular religion or the free exercise … [more]

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Aug 06 2014

Those who are left behind

As well as killing hundreds of Gaza’s children, Israel has destroyed the lives of thousands more

By Yara Hawari, Wednesday 6 August 2014


As with all wars, the war in Gaza is being measured by its dead. According to a UN report published three days ago, nearly 1800 Palestinians have died in this latest war on Gaza, 377 of them children (although by now, the numbers will already be a bit higher).

There are several campaigns and initiatives … [more]

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Aug 03 2014

Swallowing their own lies

Israel-Gaza conflict: What has Israel achieved in 26 bloody days?

By Patrick Cockburn, Sunday 3 August 2014


As Gaza is devastated by a new paroxysm of violence, what has Israel achieved by its 26-day bombardment and ground intervention? The outcome so far is similar to that of past Israeli wars in Lebanon and Gaza: massive firepower is used to inflict heavy losses on the other side, the great majority of the casualties being civilians. But, as the war goes … [more]

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Aug 03 2014

Known unto God

First World War Centenary: My father threw away his poppy in disgust

By Robert Fisk, Sunday 3 August 2014


Let the memorials gather grass and the commemorations be over. I wish all those dead men could lose their eternal youth beneath those ever-fresh graves, now that their natural lifespan has ticked past the final Zero Hour, and that the kind old sun would finally go down and spare them another morning, that they may now grow old as we … [more]

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