Feb 25 2015

Jehovah will smite you for that

Live from darkest Arkansas

By , February 19, 2015


Housebound in an ice storm, the columnist finds himself distracted by online trivia and tempted to yell at the TV:

Washington Post headline: “Williams undone by his gift for story-telling/Anchor’s love of a good yarn played a role in his downfall.”

Gee, you think? The bottom line is that there’s a little Ted Baxter in every TV news personality. However, when everybody starts laughing, Brian, it’s over.

That … [more]

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Feb 24 2015

Our existential superiority

American exceptionalism isn’t our national religion. Criticism of the US isn’t a sin

By , Tuesday 24 February 2015 12.45 EST


There is danger in buying your own hype, of listening exclusively to the people who think you can do no wrong because you’re you: your right-ness becomes tautological, based on the sole fact of your existence.

The theory of American exceptionalism is no different: it posits that America is exceptional – in the most positive sense … [more]

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Feb 24 2015

Lies and puffery

The myth and lie of American exceptionalism

By Tom Ehrich, February 24 at 11:32 AM


TAHLEQUAH, Okla. — While I was driving to this eastern Oklahoma city that serves as capital of the Cherokee Nation, the Oklahoma Legislature was considering a bill to ban the teaching of history based on facts.

Instead, the legislators want a sanitized version of U.S. history based on lies and puffery about “American exceptionalism.”

It’s no wonder, since the state’s own history has a … [more]

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Feb 23 2015

Obama sitting on the throne


OMG is about the only appropriate response to this February 19, 2015 flying-spittle letter to the editor in The Sentinel Record


Dear editor:

America is in deep trouble! Trouble? From what?

Is it from radical Islamic terrorism? Al-Qaida? ISIS or Islamic State?

Not even close — it’s global warming! That’s right! That’s what the Obama administration told us recently. They said that “the danger from global warming is far more dangerous to us than extreme (not Islamic) … [more]

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Feb 23 2015

Oh brother! Where art thou?!

Dear editor:

Oh brother! Where art thou?! I mean really, where do you get this stuff?

There must be something in the water here. A few weeks ago, a bizarre prognostication of smiting from outer space appeared on the pages of this newspaper. In the religion section. Apparently asteroid BL86, in just 12 short years, is going to collide with our planet in a cosmic fulfillment of ancient prophecy. Oceans will turn into blood (literally) and a bunch of critters, … [more]

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Feb 22 2015

If in the next breath

Beating Back ISIS

By Martin Accad, February 20, 2015


Every few days, we seem to wake up to another massacre committed by ISIS. And these are, of course, only the ones that the media reports. ISIS, in reality, is committing massacres on a daily basis. We have become familiar with their crimes in Syria and Iraq since last summer. But now their latest playfield, we are learning, is Libya. And their latest scapegoats are the Copts of Egypt.… [more]

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Feb 22 2015

We ought not to underrate its emotional appeal


What ISIS Really Wants

By Graeme Wood, March 2015


What is the Islamic State?

Where did it come from, and what are its intentions? The simplicity of these questions can be deceiving, and few Western leaders seem to know the answers. In December, The New York Times published confidential comments by Major General Michael K. Nagata, the Special Operations commander for the United States in the Middle East, admitting that he had hardly begun figuring out the Islamic … [more]

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