Aug 17 2016

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This gem of intolerance showed up in the paper today, titled “Americans push back.”  It’s a flying-spittle response to my letter two days ago, more or less confirming my suggestion that immigrants are the scapegoat du jour for scared white Americans.  Can you imagine?!  Uppity Mexicans and indigenous people wanting their country back?!  Immigrants wanting to speak their own languages and practice their own traditions?!

We really were better than this.

— Jacques d’Nalgar, Wednesday, August 17 2016 CE

 … [more]

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Aug 13 2016

The triumph of complacent neoliberal orthodoxy

With Trump certain to lose, you can forget about a progressive Clinton

By Thomas Frank, Saturday 13 August 2016 07.00 EDT


And so ends the great populist uprising of our time, fizzling out pathetically in the mud and the bigotry stirred up by a third-rate would-be caudillo named Donald J Trump. So closes an era of populist outrage that began back in 2008, when the Davos dream of a world run by benevolent bankers first started to crack. The … [more]

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Aug 08 2016

Get over it

Judaism is not a major player in the history of humankind

By , Jul 31, 2016


Though many Israelis are convinced that the history of the human race revolves around Judaism and the Jewish people, in truth, Judaism has played a relatively minor role in the annals of our species. Unlike such universal religions as Christianity, Islam and Buddhism, Judaism is a tribal creed. It focuses on the fate of one small nation and one tiny … [more]

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Jul 23 2016

A necessary response



A necessary response to Lloyd Hoffman’s 7/23/2016 letter to the editor in the Hot Springs Sentinel Record…


Antonio Sabato Jr. may be a “strong” Christian, whatever a strong Christian is according to Brother Lloyd, but let’s not forget that Junior is mostly semi-famous for modeling underwear. He and his frothy rants at Donald Trump’s recent coronation will soon be forgotten. And he’s hardly a “popular” Hollywood personality either, unless being an occasional man-meat pinup in soap operas … [more]

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Jul 10 2016

Amateur research


Documenting Hot Springs’ rampant wackadoodlery in too-frequent letters to the editor in The Sentinel Record is becoming a never ending, thankless task.  This manifest asininity showed up on July 7, 2016 CE, under the title “Alinsky-style politics”.


Dear editor:

If Lou Holtz’s assessment is correct that America’s division is between the workers and the nonworkers, our leaders’ first order of business should be to address why government dependency is escalating. Trump was not my first choice either, but … [more]

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Jun 19 2016

I think Trump is the man!


In the unending saga of sadly airing in public his complete abandon of sentience, here is Brother Lloyd’s latest letter to the editor, titled “Trump is the man”… Sigh.


Dear editor:

“How much more will have to happen before we defend our country? When are we going to say enough is enough and join together to defeat radical Islamic terrorism?” asked Gov. Rick Scott (Florida) after the Orlando mass murders!

And the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette in its Tuesday, June … [more]

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Jun 18 2016

35 documented terrorist training camps

Jan Morgan


I suppose every village has to have its idiot, but it seems like Hot Springs has more than its fair share these days.  This letter in today’s paper, titled “Public safety, not hate,” is written by Jan Morgan, a local gun range operator infamous for openly (and proudly) banning Muslims. Morgan is a shameless self-promoter who humbly styles herself thusly:

Nationally Recognized 2nd Amendment Speaker/ NRA and State Police Certified Instructor/RSO/ Award winning Journalist/Owner of The Gun [more]

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