May 21 2015

Hazardous, illusory, and sadly unchallenged

America’s Virulent, Extremist Counterterrorism Ideology

By Micah Zenko, May 21, 2015


Throughout the 13-plus years of the war on terrorism, one line of effort that everyone in Washington agrees on is the necessity to counter the ideology put forth by terrorist groups. Unfortunately, everyone also agrees that U.S. government agencies have done a terrible job at achieving this. Sen. Cory Booker (D-N.J.) recently derided the State Department’s counter-ideology efforts as “laughable” compared with the propaganda of the Islamic … [more]

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May 17 2015


Sheldon Adelson Turns Israel Into ‘The Walking Dead’

By , May 14, 2015 or [more]

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May 12 2015

A country that is overrun by idiots

Exorcising Our Rights

By Jeffrey Melvin Hutchins, May 12 2015


Here’s the thing about rights: You have them, even if you don’t use them.

Twenty years ago, I learned several things about trademarks. One of the most important things is that if a company owns a trademark and does not protect it, then the trademark will be lost. Companies must be vigilant in policing the use of their trademarks. That’s why you sometimes see big companies come down hard … [more]

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May 05 2015

We are all guilty


By The Observer (Arkansas Times), April 23 2015


There’s an enemy out there, lurking in the dark. It’s the enemy of every human being and — The Observer has become convinced over the years — the root of all evil, no matter what you’ve heard about the Greenback Dollar. Money, it turns out, is only a servant of the real problem.

The real enemy is conformity. The desire for conformity. The desire to force others to conform, even … [more]

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Apr 24 2015

Denial is fraught with peril

Armenian genocide: To continue to deny the truth of this mass human cruelty is close to a criminal lie

By Robert Fisk, Monday 20 April 2015


At seven o’clock on Thursday evening, a group of very brave men and women will gather in Taksim Square, in the centre of Istanbul, to stage an unprecedented and moving commemoration. The men and women will be both Turkish and Armenian, and they will be gathering together to remember the 1.5 million Christian [more]

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Apr 08 2015

I do believe I have a little say


By Arkansas Times’ The Observer, April 02, 2015


The Observer is a great lover of language, which makes us a great lover of conversation, which makes us a great lover of debate. We’ve been witness to a lot of debate in recent days over House Bill 1228, the bill that sponsor Rep. Bob Ballinger hopes will turn this state into a haven for Church of Ganja devotees smoking the stankest of the dank on every street corner without … [more]

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Apr 04 2015

On this day before Easter


Some thoughts on this day before Easter, stemming from an email conversation between two Palestinians, one here in America, a college professor who lives and professes nearby in Arkadelphia (where my grandparents married in 1900), and the other who lives in Jesus’ home town of Nazareth, a city of mostly Christian Arabs that is now part of Israel.  The comments following are slightly adapted from my belated leap into the fray…


After lurking in the shadows and watching [more]

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