Apr 24 2015

Denial is fraught with peril

Armenian genocide: To continue to deny the truth of this mass human cruelty is close to a criminal lie

By Robert Fisk, Monday 20 April 2015


At seven o’clock on Thursday evening, a group of very brave men and women will gather in Taksim Square, in the centre of Istanbul, to stage an unprecedented and moving commemoration. The men and women will be both Turkish and Armenian, and they will be gathering together to remember the 1.5 million Christian [more]

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Apr 08 2015

I do believe I have a little say


By Arkansas Times’ The Observer, April 02, 2015


The Observer is a great lover of language, which makes us a great lover of conversation, which makes us a great lover of debate. We’ve been witness to a lot of debate in recent days over House Bill 1228, the bill that sponsor Rep. Bob Ballinger hopes will turn this state into a haven for Church of Ganja devotees smoking the stankest of the dank on every street corner without … [more]

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Apr 04 2015

On this day before Easter


Some thoughts on this day before Easter, stemming from an email conversation between two Palestinians, one here in America, a college professor who lives and professes nearby in Arkadelphia (where my grandparents married in 1900), and the other who lives in Jesus’ home town of Nazareth, a city of mostly Christian Arabs that is now part of Israel.  The comments following are slightly adapted from my belated leap into the fray…


After lurking in the shadows and watching [more]

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Mar 25 2015

So very proud of this superpatriot


This is what passes for reasoned discourse in Hot Springs, Arkansas.  This letter, by that resolute bastion of extraordinary intellectual nimbleness, the honorable Lloyd Hoffman, appeared in today’s Sentinel Record under the title “Pray for Israel”…

Monsieur d’Nalgar, March 25, 2015 CE


Dear editor:

“Death to America!” This continues to be the chant from those evil, Islamic radicals in Iran. What is there about this message that all of you liberal sympathizers don’t understand? They are clearly saying … [more]

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Mar 11 2015

478,819 Arkansans

The Most Important People In The World Are From Arkansas

By , Mar 10, 2015 @ 9:21 AM


I know I missed it on election night back in November, but it seems that 478,819 citizens of the state of Arkansas voted themselves in control of the foreign policy of the United States. They determined in ensemble fashion to visit upon the Senate—and, thereby, the country—the genius of Tom Cotton, who decided over the weekend on his own … [more]

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Mar 10 2015

You’re so naïve

The Mother of All Middle East Conspiracy Theories

By Karl reMarks, 9 Mar 2015


The Middle East is, to coin a phrase, a complex place. All is not what it seems. Appearances can be deceptive. The truth is hard to come by. It is also a place where journalistic conventions necessitate the use of lots of proverbs strike a neat balance between the mystical and the fatalistic. Nevertheless, truth is concealed under layers of misinformation and deception, like … [more]

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Feb 25 2015

Jehovah will smite you for that

Live from darkest Arkansas

By , February 19, 2015


Housebound in an ice storm, the columnist finds himself distracted by online trivia and tempted to yell at the TV:

Washington Post headline: “Williams undone by his gift for story-telling/Anchor’s love of a good yarn played a role in his downfall.”

Gee, you think? The bottom line is that there’s a little Ted Baxter in every TV news personality. However, when everybody starts laughing, Brian, it’s over.

That … [more]

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