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  1. Mike Delacroix
    January 23, 2014


    I found your website while doing some research (I’m a student) and thought it was very interesting, original and also well designed.

    I just wanted to thank you for the content that you publish and let you know about this infographic on income inequality in America that you might find interesting: http://www.financedegreecenter.com/income-inequality/

    I think it may be relevant for your readers…



    • Jacques
      January 23, 2014

      Very interesting! What is your connection with “Finance Degree Center” (if none, what can you tell me about the site)?


    November 8, 2014

    I have picture of Beyrouth, probably during the french occupation. It is a print and the street name is called La Rue Bab Driss. Is this actually Idriss. I love the old photos on your site, cheers.



  3. Randall Waugh
    May 19, 2018

    Bon jour M. d’Nalgar,

    I very much enjoyed your article in the Winter 2018 edition of Christian Ethics Today “Why I Care…a Brief Explanation”. Your poignant telling of growing up in Beirut as an oblivious missionary kid conveyed how easy it is for all of us to remain oblivious to odious circumstances that surround our sheltered lives from our day-to-day experiences at home to the terrible travesties perpetrated by the politicians we (collectively) picked to wield political power.

    I’ve enjoyed reading a few more of your posts here on Levantium Lost.

    Thank you very much,
    Randall Waugh


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