MAGA Violence

MAGA Election Violence Absent—For Now

By Elaine Shannon, November 9 2022   Anybody heading for Phoenix to snarl traffic for Kari Lake and Blake Masters? To Harrisburg to storm the state capitol for Mehmet Oz? To Atlanta to burn  [more]

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When a tangled web woven unravels

1950s U.S. Foreign Policy Looms Large in Lebanon

By Jacob Boswell, July 29, 2022   The Cold War may be over, but the legacy of containment looms large over Lebanon. For decades, the U.S. has been the single largest…  [more]

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Thank you for your service


‘I didn’t know who I was any more’: how CIA torture pushed me to the edge of death

By Abu Zubaydah, Sat 29 Jan 2022 04.30 EST   I found myself chained to a steel bed in a white…  [more]

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American Moloch

The Anti-vaccine Right Brought Human Sacrifice to America

By Kurt Andersen, January 25, 2022   In the early phases of the pandemic, as the coronavirus spread in the United States and doctors and pharmacists and supermarket clerks continued to…  [more]

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Just past daybreak


His Name Was Emmett Till

By Wright Thompson, September 2021 Issue, The Atlantic   The dentist was a few minutes late, so I waited by the barn, listening to a northern mockingbird in the cypress trees. His tires kicked…  [more]

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100 Years Ago

What is Happening in Palestine

Danger of Zionists Acquiring Supreme Power. By Lord Syndenham of Combe, June 1 1921   Do the British people understand whither Mr. Balfour’s Palestine policy is leading us? asks Lord Sydenham in an article in…  [more]

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The bishop preaches

Larry R. Benfield Easter 7, Year B St. Luke’s, Hot Springs 16 May 2021 It might make you slightly queasy, but the next big election is only three years away. You may think I am talking about the presidential election…  [more]

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