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Monsieur Jacques d’Nalgar is a working curmudgeon with a cat-killing curiosity in politics, religion, history, and other manifestations of irrational human behavior. He resides in Hot Springs, Arkansas, a semi-autonomous region of the United States (a waning political experiment on the third planet of a minor solar system in a remote corner of the Milky Way galaxy), with his wife and other assorted wildlife.

Jacques is a son and grandson of Baptist missionaries and educators. He was born in Beirut, Lebanon, where his father was a school headmaster for more than 30 years (and prior to that, a B-17 navigator in the last months of WW2). He grew up in the Middle East during the turbulent 50s, 60s, and 70s, but left just before Lebanon’s nightmare 15-year civil war began in earnest. Most reputable historians do not associate the onset of that tragic conflict with his departure.

After attending college in Oklahoma and working for a large oilfield servicing company now forever identified with the dark lord Dick Cheney, he moved his family to Hot Springs in 1994. Jacques spends most of his time reading, blogging under a barely-disguised snotty “Freedom” pseudonym, and staring at the sun. He works tirelessly for the OAFS (Obsessive Alliteration-Fondness Syndrome) Foundation, as both its only benefactor and sole beneficiary.

Jacques’ political pilgrimage has meandered across much of the left-right continuum. Once a staunch conservative (by all the standard litmus tests), he found himself suddenly adrift when the rest of the country lurched hard-right after 9-11. He is a frequent critic of our national love affair with wars, rampant nationalism in general, and the resurgent, xenophobic frenzy that masquerades as patriotism.

He defines his religious confession as Zen Baptist, a burgeoning movement (of one) within the Southern Baptist Convention that is seeking to reclaim the mantle of Christian orthodoxy from fevered fundamentalists just itching for Armageddon. Monsieur d’Nalgar may be reached by sending him your questions telepathically, or by sending him money. He prefers the latter.

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Dec 19 2014

Significant errors and malfeasance

Meet Alfreda Bikowsky, the Senior Officer at the Center of the CIA’s Torture Scandals

By Glenn Greenwald and Peter Maass, 12/19/2014 11:28 AM


NBC News yesterday called her a “key apologist” for the CIA’s torture program. A follow-up New Yorker article dubbed her “The Unidentified Queen of Torture” and in part “the model for the lead character in ‘Zero Dark Thirty.’” Yet in both articles she was anonymous.

The person described by both NBC and The New Yorker is senior CIA … [more]

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Dec 19 2014

“She should be put on trial and put in jail for what she has done.”

The Unidentified Queen of Torture

By Jane Mayer, December 18, 2014


For the past eight months, there has been a furious battle raging behind closed doors at the White House, the C.I.A., and in Congress. The question has been whether the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence would be allowed to use pseudonyms as a means of identifying characters in the devastating report it released last week on the C.I.A.’s abusive interrogation and detention program. Ultimately, the committee was not … [more]

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Dec 17 2014

We believe in and follow one who was tortured

On torture, can we handle the truth? We’d better start trying

By Carmen Fowler Laberge, December 17 at 3:13 PM


In the movie “A Few Good Men,” Col. Nathan Jessup (Jack Nicholson) barks at Lt. Daniel Kaffee (Tom Cruise):

“You want me on that wall, you need me on that wall. We use words like honor, code, loyalty. We use these words as the backbone of a life spent defending something. You use them as a punch line. I … [more]

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Dec 17 2014

They had flown through the air

Once again language is distorted in order to hide US state wrongdoing

By Robert Fisk, Sunday 14 December 2014


Thank God for Noam Chomsky. Not for his lifetime of eviscerating assaults on our political hypocrisy, but for his linguistics. Long before I knew him, undergraduate Fisk laboured at his university linguistics course, where Chomsky’s work first alerted me to the pernicious use of language. Hence I condemn at once the vile semantics of the Pentagon and the CIA. Not … [more]

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Dec 13 2014

But this is our injustice

Marcel Ophuls, Director of ‘The Sorrow and the Pity,’ Wants to Tell Israelis Some ‘Unpleasant Truths’

By Robert Mackey, December 10, 2014


Ever since 1969, when his four-and-a-half-hour documentary about the Nazi occupation of France, “The Sorrow and the Pity,” was banned from French television, the filmmaker Marcel Ophuls has had an uneasy relationship with the film industry.

Now, at 87, he has turned to the Internet to seek support for a new film he began … [more]

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Dec 12 2014

I think people do nasty things in the dark


After Torture Report, Our Moral Authority As a Nation Is Gone

By Nick Gillespie, 12.11.14


By now, we’ve all glossed The Senate Select Committee on Intelligence’s “Study of the Central Intelligence Agency’s Detention and Interrogation Program or skimmed summaries of it, hunting for the sickest parts the same way we fast-forwarded through “Two Girls, One Cup” and The Human Centipede movies back in the day. Whatever its limitations, the “torture report” is a profoundly grim and dispiriting document, … [more]

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Dec 11 2014

Calling to America

A (redacted) poem for the torture report

By , Wednesday 10 December 2014 13.54 EST









What are we to do after the white noise,
after the wallings, the rough takedowns
and deprivations of sleep, nudity, rectal
rehydration and rectally infused feedings,
the President’s daily briefings, learned
helplessness, the outsourced psychology
conducted in secret detention facilities,
black sites and gray sites redacted
in one country after another?

And what … [more]

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