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Monsieur Jacques d’Nalgar is a working curmudgeon with a cat-killing curiosity in politics, religion, history, and other manifestations of irrational human behavior. He resides in Hot Springs, Arkansas, a semi-autonomous region of the United States (a waning political experiment on the third planet of a minor solar system in a remote corner of the Milky Way galaxy), with his wife and other assorted wildlife.

Jacques is a son and grandson of Baptist missionaries and educators. He was born in Beirut, Lebanon, where his father was a school headmaster for more than 30 years (and prior to that, a B-17 navigator in the last months of WW2). He grew up in the Middle East during the turbulent 50s, 60s, and 70s, but left just before Lebanon’s nightmare 15-year civil war began in earnest. Most reputable historians do not associate the onset of that tragic conflict with his departure.

After attending college in Oklahoma and working for a large oilfield servicing company now forever identified with the dark lord Dick Cheney, he moved his family to Hot Springs in 1994. Jacques spends most of his time reading, blogging under a barely-disguised snotty “Freedom” pseudonym, and staring at the sun. He works tirelessly for the OAFS (Obsessive Alliteration-Fondness Syndrome) Foundation, as both its only benefactor and sole beneficiary.

Jacques’ political pilgrimage has meandered across much of the left-right continuum. Once a staunch conservative (by all the standard litmus tests), he found himself suddenly adrift when the rest of the country lurched hard-right after 9-11. He is a frequent critic of our national love affair with wars, rampant nationalism in general, and the resurgent, xenophobic frenzy that masquerades as patriotism.

He defines his religious confession as Zen Baptist, a burgeoning movement (of one) within the Southern Baptist Convention that is seeking to reclaim the mantle of Christian orthodoxy from fevered fundamentalists just itching for Armageddon. Monsieur d’Nalgar may be reached by sending him your questions telepathically, or by sending him money. He prefers the latter.

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Jul 23 2016

A necessary response



A necessary response to Lloyd Hoffman’s 7/23/2016 letter to the editor in the Hot Springs Sentinel Record…


Antonio Sabato Jr. may be a “strong” Christian, whatever a strong Christian is according to Brother Lloyd, but let’s not forget that Junior is mostly semi-famous for modeling underwear. He and his frothy rants at Donald Trump’s recent coronation will soon be forgotten. And he’s hardly a “popular” Hollywood personality either, unless being an occasional man-meat pinup in soap operas … [more]

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Jul 10 2016

Amateur research


Documenting Hot Springs’ rampant wackadoodlery in too-frequent letters to the editor in The Sentinel Record is becoming a never ending, thankless task.  This manifest asininity showed up on July 7, 2016 CE, under the title “Alinsky-style politics”.


Dear editor:

If Lou Holtz’s assessment is correct that America’s division is between the workers and the nonworkers, our leaders’ first order of business should be to address why government dependency is escalating. Trump was not my first choice either, but … [more]

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Jun 19 2016

I think Trump is the man!


In the unending saga of sadly airing in public his complete abandon of sentience, here is Brother Lloyd’s latest letter to the editor, titled “Trump is the man”… Sigh.


Dear editor:

“How much more will have to happen before we defend our country? When are we going to say enough is enough and join together to defeat radical Islamic terrorism?” asked Gov. Rick Scott (Florida) after the Orlando mass murders!

And the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette in its Tuesday, June … [more]

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Jun 18 2016

35 documented terrorist training camps

Jan Morgan


I suppose every village has to have its idiot, but it seems like Hot Springs has more than its fair share these days.  This letter in today’s paper, titled “Public safety, not hate,” is written by Jan Morgan, a local gun range operator infamous for openly (and proudly) banning Muslims. Morgan is a shameless self-promoter who humbly styles herself thusly:

Nationally Recognized 2nd Amendment Speaker/ NRA and State Police Certified Instructor/RSO/ Award winning Journalist/Owner of The Gun [more]

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Jun 15 2016

Resurrection to something better

Prayers for Orlando

A letter from Bishop Benfield, June 15, 2016


From its earliest days, the church has said that Christians look at the four ancient virtues of wisdom, justice, courage, and temperance through the lens of love, faith, and hope. We hold on to these values because our hope is for the perfect love of God, which in the Christian tradition will include the reconciliation of humans to one another through Christ.

This truth is especially important to … [more]

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Jun 15 2016

The things you should really fear

God bless the boogeymen

By Monsieur d’Nalgar, June 15 2016 CE


Hocus pocus, mumbo jumbo, higgity piggity, radical Islamic terrorism.  Now throw in an alakazam! and a few hooahs and mumble this magic incantation, over and over, louder and louder, until you reach the same keening crescendo as a deranged village idiot or a presumptive presidential nominee.

But I repeat myself…

Yes, my brothers and sisters!  Merely recite the magic incantation of “radical Islamic terrorism” and you, too, can help the … [more]

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Jun 14 2016

So many questions!


Following this weekend’s horrific shooting in Orlando, here is the first of what will surely be many more ignorant letters to the editor.  This was in today’s Sentinel Record, under the title “Orlando massacre.”  I certainly hope the good doctor practiced medicine better than he analyzes a crime scene from afar. Methinks he must imagine himself so clever as to be a latter-day Sherlock Holmes…  Had he but waited another day or two for cable news histrionics to abate, most … [more]

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