Børre’s nightmare


We left Beirut at 9 yesterday and were back 12 hours later. Drove to Sidon and checked in with the army to get permission to enter the occupation zone evacuated by the Israelis in 2000 and which is finally under Lebanese Army control. Then straight to Tyre, Jouwaya, Tibnine and Bint Jbeil. We saw things I never thought possible. Then on to Maroun el Ras and along the border to Marjayoun to visit family. Finally back through Nabatieh, Zahrani, Sidon and on to Beirut. All the bridges are still under repair with rough detours going south and Bailey bridges installed by the French going north. Traffic is back to 1990 style with endless holdups. Security was lighter than ever, but we saw saw things we never thought possible. It was like living a nightmare. We are still recovering. Maybe some pictures will appear when I regain the strength to look at them.

– Børre

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