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If Americans only knew

 What do we really cherish?  America absolves itself the same way a smoker convinces himself he’ll never get cancer.  In both cases, there is plenty of available information from which the truth of the matter can be gleaned, but that requires more introspection than most of us are willing to endure.

 Less than a minute into the video (, Sarah Powell utters the unmentionable heresy, “Why do they hate us?”  It is a damn good question, she goes … [more]

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Rabbi Fox

Ms. Gassaway,

I had hoped the rabbi’s recent rant would be disregarded by your readers as the specious partisan pandering it obviously is to anyone who understands even the smallest bits of Middle Eastern history and contemporary realities “over there.”  However, given that more than a week has passed, and now today’s follow-on huzzahs by a reader willfully blinded to any point of view that does not resonate with his own, I must ask if you intend to publish the … [more]

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The wolf we feed

 “So it is that democracy without honest information creates the illusion of popular consent, while enhancing the power of the state and the privileged interests protected by it.  Democracy without accountability creates the illusion of popular control, while offering ordinary Americans only cheap tickets to the balcony, too far away to see that the public stage has become just a reality TV set.”

 We’re now into nearly 48 hours of non-stop coverage on the death of Tim Russert.  By contrast, … [more]

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Charley Reese and the rabbi

 You have confirmed an unfortunate suspicion. Your postscript reflects the same reaction, albeit belated, that the rabbi expressed in his letter.  I read Reese in a completely different light — he is simply suggesting that it is not in America’s best interests to support Israel and the oil-rich (or geographically strategic) despots in the region.  I am pretty sure he has never advocated the removal of Jews from Palestine/Israel although there are many who have called for the removal of … [more]

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Just in

  Sent: Wednesday, December 05, 2007 11:16 AM
Subject: Alienation of Iran’s intellectuals

I am constantly impressed by the fact that an overwhelming majority of academics and other intellectuals of Iranian origin currently residing outside of Iran are in agreement that the Bush administration’s actions and policies in dealing with Iran are tragically misguided and potentially disastrous. 

This is extremely important, I believe, because it suggests that the academic and intellectual cousins and colleagues of these expatriots — i.e., those still … [more]

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What if Barak Obama were a Muslim?

 Apologies all, for plagiarizing some of your earlier thoughts (ie, who would Jesus waterboard?), but I could not let last Sunday’s profoundly ignorant editorial re. Barak Obama go unchallenged.  I just sent in a lengthy response (below and partly cannibalized from earlier posts) and we’ll see if this one gets printed…  Here’s the letter that pushed my buttons:

Dear editor:

A friend recently sent me a photo from the Internet that shows Sen. Obama not saluting during the National Anthem. … [more]

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Once more, with feeling

 Here we go again.  Is there no limit to the willful ignorance that manifests itself on these pages?  If the writers who routinely berate Charley Reese for his studied sympathies ever stop scouring the Internet for imaginary jihads, we’ll all be better off.  Do us a big favor and stick to researching dubious medical remedies; a malodorous hint of racism lingers over the tortured logic of your rants about Muslims and the perils of tolerance.

Neocon shills like Yossef Bodansky,

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