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Dreaming of what once was

 Dear Janna,

 Perhaps the answer is to out-market the vision of what is possible vs. the vision of those things feared or coveted.  Somehow, we’ve got to convince people that the alternative to fear and avoidance of insecurity is better than the status quo.  When I opined earlier about my Levantine dream, I forgot to mention discos and bars and even Buddhist and Ba’hai temples alongside the churches, mosques, and synagogues.  Simple, n’est pas?  I think Obama has managed to … [more]

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A century of willful ignorance

 A friend of mine just sent me an interesting article by Ramzy Baroud, about Johns Hagee and McCain:

 Here’s the first paragraph from Baroud’s article:

 A memorable quote in Mark Twain’s Tom Sawyer Abroad (1894) still carries a wealth of relevance. He writes, “They own the [holy] land, just the mere land, and that’s all they do own; but it was our folks, our Jews and Christians, that made it holy, and so they haven’t any business to be … [more]

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Nazis or or [more]

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Broad brush

 Anti-Semite.  My, my, my, but aren’t we quick these days to paint someone as an anti-Semite?!  As in “Charley Reese is an anti-Semite” because he dares suggest Israel’s manifest influence on foreign policy may not be in America’s best interest.  As in “Charley Reese is an anti-Semite” because he reminds us of the inconvenient truth, despite systematic efforts by the Israeli government to revision its own history, that Jewish immigrants to Palestine terrorized Arab natives into fleeing for their lives.  … [more]

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The shoah must go on…

 On Friday, Israeli Deputy Defense Minister Matan Vilnai threatened a “shoah” on Gaza in response to qassam rocket fire directed at Ashkelon. “Shoah” is a Hebrew term for “big disaster” and is often used to describe the Holocaust. Vilnai’s comment to Israeli Army Radio (according to a CNIF bulletin):

“The more Qassam fire intensifies and the rockets reach a longer range, [the Palestinians] will bring upon themselves a bigger holocaust because we will use all our might to defend ourselves.”… [more]

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Plethoric pandering

 I had hoped, in part because he seemed like a nice-enough guy, that Mike Huckabee would not descend to the level of pandering epitomized by the other Republican candidates.  There were warning signs last fall, when he revealed he was getting up to speed on Middle East issues by reading books written by far-right messianic Fundamentalists.  Then he started hanging out with some really strange cats like John Hagee, a megachurch evangelist who routinely advocates military strikes on Iran, denies … [more]

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Breaking the Silence

 Yehuda Shaul is live on C-Span now.  He’s a former IDF commander and co-founder of Breaking the Silence.  He’s showing slides and talking about the systematic degradation of Palestinians by the IDF.  Very interesting and hopefully helpful.  The follow-up questions seem to indicate a friendly/sympathetic audience, but I missed a few minutes (and just noticed a lot of empty seats)…

It just ended.  Here’s a link for more info on the presentation (the video isn’t available as of this writing):… [more]

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