15 sailors

 …and whaddaya get?  Another day older and deeper in debt…  Bush and Blair have got to be the most inept diplomats in the world: http://news.independent.co.uk/world/fisk/article2412764.ece The whole thing is rather silly — the general area where the incident occurred has…  [more]

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More on gravity…

 The point I tried to make was this:  I think the death-spiral of humans towards exclusivity is as innate as taking the next breath.  Many religions take advantage of that human characteristic, but not just religions.  Political parties, advertisers, specialists…  [more]

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Gravitation toward exlusiveness

 Arthur C. Clarke came to mind when reading your post.  Whether or not this has anything to do with your thesis is probably open to debate, but I think you will find Clarke’s comments entertaining if not enlightening… The quote…  [more]

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Ides of March

 We’re about to finish out our 5th March in Iraq and according to http://www.globalsecurity.org/military/ops/iraq_casualties.htm, this is the deadliest one yet for our boys and girls in the military.  Thank goodness our wise commander-in-chief has outsourced the “ugliest” operations to …  [more]

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Secular Islam

 Randi Rhodes keeps harping on the idea that there’s a warped misogynistic, sado-masochistic, repressed-homosexuality theme running through a lot of what’s going on today in the Republican party and in our military fiasco in Iraq — phone sex with congressional…  [more]

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Faux news

 You’re taking the Washington Times to task for helping smear Valerie Plame?  That’s like chastising the New York Post for helping Israel attack Jimmy Carter, or Faux News for helping keep George Bush’s insanity hidden from his shrinking pool of …  [more]

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Inky wretch

    —–Original Message—– From: [Jacques d’Nalgar] Sent: Thursday, March 15, 2007 12:34 PM To: ‘pgreenberg@arkansasonline.com’ Subject: Word games   Dear Apologist for Evil, I can’t say it was wholly a pleasure to read your calculated mischaracterization of recent remarks…  [more]

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