And thus absurdity reigns

7th demolition of Al Arakib-11-22-10

O to have been born a Jew

By Oudeh Basharat, Feb.08, 2013 3:41 AM


In Israel there is an entire population sector whose name begins with “non” – “the non-Jewish sector.” Please do not take this as an insult, dear sector, whose name is nothing but the negative of another name, and if you ponder the matter you will see that if you are a “non-Jew,” it means you are all the rest.

The problem is that you are indeed all the rest but there’s nothing you can do about it – you are in the wrong place. Because in Israel a person who isn’t Jewish wasn’t born in the image of the Creator.

So, if you are a Jew in Israel, a single-family ranch in the Negev awaits you. Hurry up, then, and take advantage of this benefit or phone a Jewish friend in Brooklyn and inform him like Ariella from Mifal Hapayis, the national lottery, of the great prize.

Thus Aaron from Brooklyn can both defend state lands from invasion by Arabs and also get a pretty good real estate deal.

Jack Hugi in his book “1,000” tells us about the population of “Badun” who live in Kuwait and the Emirates without any rights. The origin of the name is the Arabic phrase badun jansiya – without citizenship.

And in Israel, after the implementation of the Prawer plan for arranging the settlement of the Bedouin in the Negev, the Arabs here will be both “non” and “without.”

After the rushed discussion in the government last week, the plan for the expropriation of the lands went into high gear. The aim: to take control of what remains to the Bedouin, who hold altogether only 5 percent of the lands in the empty Negev. Ninety-five percent of the area of the Negev is not enough for the state of the Jews; it also covets the little that remains.

And thus absurdity reigns. On a visit to the Negev a friend commented as we drove past Rahat that that only in Israel will you find an overcrowded desert town.

Really, how have things turned upside down? After all, the desert symbolizes endless expanses, isolation, freedom. And in Israel, in the largest Arab town in the Negev, people are living in crowded conditions with a sea of golden sand all around them.

Precisely in the matter of the Negev Arabs, a population at the bottom rung of the socioeconomic ladder, it is necessary to go back to basics and ask fundamental moral questions about the essence of the “Jewish and democratic” state under the auspices of which this brutal plan is implemented. If the decision to grant ranches to Jews only is derived from the definition of the state, then this is a racist state and please do not involve Judaism in the definition, because it only besmirches Judaism.

If the Jewish and democratic state treats some of its citizens as invaders who need to be put in pens and whose ancient customs need to be disregarded, then this is just a colonialist state and Judaism has nothing to do with this indecent deed.

And as for “democratic” – this is a democracy of a majority against the minority. Indeed, all the anti-Arab laws in the Knesset have been passed in accordance with a strictly democratic method. The majority mustered to tyrannize the minority – from the racist private ranch law to the absurd absentee property law.

The anti-Arab laws in the Knesset are missing just one little element – justice. Maybe the procedure is kosher but the content stinks. This legislation is contrary to the spirit of all the religions, including Judaism, religions based on equal treatment of all God’s creatures, who were born in his image. or


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