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Dec 06 2016

Kindred Spirits

Dominionism Rising: A Theocratic Movement Hiding in Plain Sight

By Frederick Clarkson, August 18, 2016


This article appears in the Summer 2016 edition of The Public Eye magazine.

In June 2016, Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) held a private meeting with conservative movement leaders to plot his political future. Attendees afterwards cast him in the role of Ronald Reagan, who’d lost the 1976 Republican presidential nomination to Gerald Ford but led a conservative comeback in 1980 that made Jimmy … [more]

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Dec 02 2016

Just below the surface


The Fringe Is the Majority

By Reggie L. Williams, 11-30-2016


Like many people in the nation, I was deeply disturbed when I stayed up late watching the election results on Nov. 8. This country elected Donald Trump to succeed the nation’s first African-American president — a deed that was in no way coincidental. President Obama’s election was an historic moment: the United States sent a black family to live in the house that slaves built as a residence … [more]

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Nov 29 2016


The Observer’s weekly column in the November 24 2016 CE edition of the Arkansas Times


The Observer’s grandfather on our mother’s side was a crackerjack fella. Grew up in the sandy hills north of Conway. County boy, through and through. During hog-killing time in December 1941, the story in our family goes, when word of Pearl Harbor reached his little community, he and his friends loaded into his T-model truck and made the rough journey to the first speck … [more]

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Nov 20 2016

I’m sorry

The Observer’s weekly column in the November 17 2016 CE edition of the Arkansas Times


Dear young people,

You’re probably not reading this. Not many of you, anyway, because you don’t read newspapers anymore. You get your news from the Twitter or the Facebook or some website I’m too old to have even heard of yet. But I have something I want to say to any young person who might be reading this.

I’m sorry.

I’m sorry we stood … [more]

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Nov 14 2016

Armageddon 101



Here’s a bit of eschatological wackadoodlery that showed up in today’s paper under the most appropriate title of “Tiresome rhetoric“…


Dear editor:


While the presidential election is over, the same old and tiresome rhetoric will continue to be heard for weeks and months to come, especially from the radio and television news programs. They will analyze the election and then analyze the analysis of the results — ad nauseam. Even before the election ended … [more]

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Nov 09 2016

A Letter from Bishop Benfield

We Are to Plant Christian Guideposts


Given the election results that came in through the night, it is now apparent that the United States is traveling on a highway that is yet to be mapped. For many of us, the old, familiar guideposts of the Christian ethical life, including peace, patience, kindness, generosity, and self-control, do not seem to be essential markers by which many of this nation’s voters make decisions when electing leaders. It will take some time … [more]

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Nov 08 2016

The evil curse was ended

A sermon preached by Larry Benfield, the bishop of Arkansas, on November 6, 2016, at St. Luke’s Church in Hot Springs, Arkansas.


This year’s church calendar is off by about one day, sort of like our internal time clocks are off by about an hour this morning. Halloween came on its appointed day, Monday, October 31st. It is, at least according to legend, that last gasp effort of the evil spirits of the Underworld to have their way … [more]

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