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Not running to be a god

A King for Jesus: What the Religious Right Sees in Trump

By Roger O. Friedland, October 26, 2016


What does the love of Jesus have to do with Trump? How to explain his overwhelming support from evangelical voters, who—for more than three decades—have formed the bastion of the Christian right? According to a Pew June 2016 survey 89% of evangelical voters wanted a President with strong religious beliefs. Trump cannot even pretend to qualify.

A number of analysts, … [more]

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Why I’m voting for Hillary

I have heard, on more than one occasion, progressives postulate that Hillary Clinton is a trigger-happy, corporate shill who will not take America forward.  Some of these folks are actually considering voting for Donald Trump, hoping that the dark days of his presidency will bring about a progressive awakening to forever end the stranglehold a two-party system has on Americans, and usher in a new age of enlightened, peaceful coexistence, at home and abroad.

But there’s a problem with such … [more]

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Thank you!


Well, this showed up in today’s paper, essentially intact (only the “Sincerely” at the very end was redacted).  Interesting that someone went to such lengths to add a few commas here and there, and change the capitalization of this or that word, while at the same time other letter-writers were allowed to perpetuate patently false red-meat rumors about President Obama and a certain female candidate likely to become our next president.  Rumors that have been consistently debunked ever … [more]

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The full measure of its guilt


Just a little over 15 years ago, one day after September 11, 2001, Ward Churchill, a professor of ethnic studies at the University of Colorado Boulder, wrote the following essay.  He was roundly condemned for his troubles by media pundits, who called for his resignation and deemed him unfit to teach. The university’s Board of Regents publicly apologized for Churchill’s writings about the 9-11 attacks, investigated him for academic misconduct, and then fired him.  Churchill filed a lawsuit against … [more]

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The survival of Christianity in America



Well, it only took five days for some wingnut to respond to Dianne Kelly’s delicious brevity that appeared in the Sentinel Record on September 5, 2015:

Why pray for Trump?

Dear editor:

Concerning the large “Pray For Trump” sign located on the bypass between Airport and McLeod Street, before I pray for Mr. Trump, I really need to know why he needs our prayers. To win the election? Or, that he might seek help from the medical profession [more]

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Go home


This gem of intolerance showed up in the paper today, titled “Americans push back.”  It’s a flying-spittle response to my letter two days ago, more or less confirming my suggestion that immigrants are the scapegoat du jour for scared white Americans.  Can you imagine?!  Uppity Mexicans and indigenous people wanting their country back?!  Immigrants wanting to speak their own languages and practice their own traditions?!

We really were better than this.

— Jacques d’Nalgar, Wednesday, August 17 2016 CE… [more]

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Get over it

Judaism is not a major player in the history of humankind

By , Jul 31, 2016


Though many Israelis are convinced that the history of the human race revolves around Judaism and the Jewish people, in truth, Judaism has played a relatively minor role in the annals of our species. Unlike such universal religions as Christianity, Islam and Buddhism, Judaism is a tribal creed. It focuses on the fate of one small nation and one tiny … [more]

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