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Sentinel Record Letter to the Editor, Sunday, January 28, 2018


Dear editor:

This is my response to the Muslim, Mahmoud El-Yousseph’s letter (Sunday, Jan. 21) which was highly critical of Jan Morgan, owner of the Gun Cave Indoor Firing Range. Mrs. Morgan has declared her business a “Muslim free zone,” which made the national news in 2014.

Mr. El-Yousseph called this a cheap publicity stunt to help her to get more support for her running for governor in Arkansas as a Republican. I respectfully disagree with your criticism concerning her policy, for I believe that she has good reasons for this restriction!

It is not true that most of us believe that all Muslims are terrorists, but it is a fact that almost all terrorists are either Muslims or Muslim converts and sympathizers!

Muslims have no one else to blame but themselves if most of us don’t trust them! There really is no easy way to know who is who and who is going to do what among this group of people.

When the twin towers in New York were destroyed by two jet airliners crashing into them and killing almost 3,000 innocent American citizens, the pilots of those jets were … surprise — Muslims! A lot of us aren’t forgetting 9/11! We must not.

Also, it is worth remembering that these two Muslims were trained here in America to fly those jet airliners. Yes, America trained them how to fly, so that they could kill many of us! Wow!

I truly believe that Mrs. Morgan sincerely believes that if she helped train Muslims to become more proficient in shooting guns, that some of them might use these skills in acts of terrorism. It would be the same thing as training them to fly those jets! She is just using some good common sense concerning this matter. Who can trust them after their many acts of terrorism? This is about national security, not racism, as you claimed.

And it is actually a myth to claim that Islam is a religion of peace! That is a myth and a lie.

The Koran has a provision in it that says that it is acceptable for Muslims to lie and deceive in order to achieve their purposes! You can’t trust them to tell the truth!

The Koran says to “kill the infidels!” Who are the infidels? Everyone who isn’t of the Islamic faith. All the rest of us!

As a Christian, I certainly try to convince everyone that faith and trust in Jesus Christ as their Savior is the only true way to be reconciled to the one true God found in the Holy Bible. However, there is no place in the Bible that commands Christians to kill anyone who won’t convert to Christianity. What a radical difference in these two religions!

Bravo for Mrs. Morgan! Those folks are on a mission to ultimately kill all the rest of us! Thanks for your courage in doing the right thing on this, Jan!

Nothing is more important than our safety and security.

You’ve got my support.

God bless,

Lloyd Hoffman
Hot Springs

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  1. I responded the very next day, and my submission was printed on Tuesday, January 30, 2018. It was more or less intact, although the Sentinel Record’s intrepid editors did alter a bit of capitalization and punctuation. Alas, vanity insists that my version as submitted is superior…

    Dear editor,

    The letter “Response to the Muslim” in Sunday’s paper (July 29, 2018) can only be described as a masterpiece of islamophobic lunacy. Such was the blinding brilliance of the writer’s keen intellect (why, even the noon-day sun momentarily paled in comparison!) that were he to focus his facile faculties on any problem large or small, that problem would surely cease to be. His is a mind like no other. He is a man who needs no introduction, a man who has Jan Morgan’s back, the one, the only…

    …actually, come to think of it, idiots chasing America’s du jour dusky boogeymen are legion in this state, as are gunslingers running for political office. Together with manly men like Jason Rapert and little Tommy Cotton (bless his heart, but don’t he look purty in his army costume, Martha?!) they are proudly continuing the long tradition of making Arkansas a national embarrassment.

    It would be funny if it weren’t so sad.

    [Jacques d’Nalgar]
    Hot Springs, Arkansas

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