Space: the final affront

I’ve been thinking about your theory lately, that the never-ending war in Iraq exists because GW needs/wants to avenge his father’s honor after Uncle Saddam tried to kill him (can’t imagine why, can you?)…  It’s an interesting idea, but I just can’t accept that a US President can order the world’s most lethal military into action on such a whimsical notion.  There has to be a cabal surrounding him who are equally motivated in selling such an adventure by wrapping it in the trappings of a bonafide justification.  What would motivate such a cabal?  Surely not GW’s petty frat-boy notions about family honor.  Who is completely devoted to GW?  Only the Religious Right invests the totality of their blind faith in this president as their rock-star messiah and I do not think his inner circles are populated by true believers from that distant fringe.  Are America’s top military leaders and planners so eager to fight anyone, anywhere, that they will abandon all reason and jump at the feeblest excuses for war?  Perhaps, but I hope not or we are surely witnesses to the last days of this corrupt, mercenary empire (see postscript below).  Who lurks in the dark shadows of the People’s house?  Who are the puppet masters controlling the strings of an obviously inept GW?  Where do their true loyalties lie and how are they able to influence senators and congressmen from both parties to fall in line behind whatever foolish notions GW fancies today but maybe not tomorrow?  Are they beholden to corporate behemoths who care nothing for a nation’s self-interests?  Are they agents of foreign governments who care only about their nation’s self-interests?  I think GW’s motivations may indeed be based on un-Christian, pampered-aristocracy ideas of family honor, but if so, there are sinister forces in his immediate background who are able to bend those ideas and grossly misuse the great power we Americans bestow on our presidents, for nefarious purposes surely not in the best interests of this nation or even this planet.  If the powers that be have so rigged the election process that they can never again lose, God help us all…

PS — I read this while flying back from New Orleans two days ago:

“Freedom of action in space is as important to the United States as air power and sea power.”  An excerpt from a new National Space Policy signed by President George W. Bush, which asserts the United States’ right to deny access to outer space to anyone it deems “hostile to U.S. interests”  (Newsweek, Oct. 30 2006, p. 25)

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