Random thought

To my pastor: 

Here’s one more observation that I meant to include the other day, but it slipped away before I could write it down.  This is an example of eschatology in action.  Not mine, but I thought of you when I heard this…

A few days before the election, an angry American preacher was interviewed on one of the cable news channels.  Judging from his accent, the man was originally Pakistani or Indian.  He switched his political affiliation to Democrat because he believed GW’s policies had delayed the coming of Christ.  Muslim countries were now so hostile towards Westerners, their people were off-limits to Christian evangelism.  Because they are now unable to hear the Gospel, the once-impending Second Coming is apparently going to have to be put off for at least another two or three hundred years.

Guess I can wait to do my white robe laundry…

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