Faux news

 You’re taking the Washington Times to task for helping smear Valerie Plame?  That’s like chastising the New York Post for helping Israel attack Jimmy Carter, or Faux News for helping keep George Bush’s insanity hidden from his shrinking pool of doting admirers.  In the interest of triangulating the truth from multiple “news” sources, you have to occasionally sip the poison cool-aid that these propagandists dispense, but their “signal” is at best vague and distorted by static.  Honing in on the real story behind their “reporting” is a bit like a blind man trying to calculate what a distant shooter was aiming at after he’s been stung by a single pellet of widely-scattered buckshot…

But you’re right, the article was intentionally obfuscating and overtly sexist.  To describe Ms. Plame as a “petite bleached blonde, clad in a low-cut white blouse, beige herringbone jacket and snug brown slacks” is outrageous and, if you actually watched any of the hearing on C-Span, deliberately misleading.  From what I’ve read in the Washington Times over the years, I seriously doubt that they pride themselves in their journalistic integrity.  I think they know exactly what they’re doing…

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