Lebanon (1890-1900)

Thanks Fadwa.  What a beautiful country!  Whenever I see pictures like these and read accounts from the same time period, I wish I could have walked the countryside paths and ridden on four-legged beasts instead of whizzing around in noisy cars and airplanes.  Imagine the time they had back then, to think, to see and hear, to talk, to think, to think, to think…

Ghazir – circa 1893 – Lebanon

Harajel – circa 1894 – Lebanon

Hasroun circa 1898 – Lebanon

Jebeil (Byblos) – circa 1893 – Lebanon

Maison a Beyrouth circa 1892 – Lebanon

Maison des Jesuites – Bikfaya circa 1894 – Lebanon

Nabi Younis circa 1898 – Lebanon

Nahr Al Kalb vu de Louaizeh – circa 1894 – Lebanon

Notre Dame des Champs – Dleptah – circa 1894 – Lebanon

Notre Dame des Fievreux Tripoli circa 1896 – Lebanon

Plage de Batroun – circa 1893 – Lebanon

Qannoubine circa 1898 – Lebanon

Qannoubine circa 1898 – Lebanon

Qozhaya circa 1896 – Lebanon

Qozhaya circa 1896 – Lebanon

Qozhaya circa 1896 – Lebanon

Ras Baalbeck – circa 1896 – Lebanon

Saydah vue du Sud – circa 1898 – Lebanon

Sour (Tyr) – circa 1898 – Lebanon

Sour (Tyr) – circa 1898 – Lebanon

Sour (Tyr) entree Nord – circa 1898 – Lebanon

Tripoli Lebanon circa 1896 – Lebanon

Universite St. Joseph – Beyrouth circa 1892 – Lebanon

Yammouni – circa 1891 – Lebanon

Zahle, Lebanon – circa 1891 – Lebanon

Zahleh, Lebanon – circa 1896 – Lebanon

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