Shift happens

 An unreasonable euphoria over the recent political shift was, I suppose, inevitable.  I’m sure the entire world breathed a little easier when we voted to hobble our emperor’s unchecked crusader impulses.  However, Nero still fiddles.  I see little abatement of Bush’s hubris in the face of the reemergence of an opposition party.  In fact, there is speculation that he will somehow double the size of the American occupation of Iraq before he leaves office.

Before we get too disappointed with the self-serving behaviors of either political party, let’s not forget that there is precious little difference between them.  All politicians adapt to the current climate and the Newtonian physics du jour is “Money makes the world go ’round.”  Until we can figure out how to jump-start radical political climate change in this country, neither party is going to do anything but pander and fund-raise.

Maybe it’s time to storm the Bastille.

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