I made kefta tonight!  Sure brought back memories…  We went to the farmer’s market Saturday morning and I bought a pound of ground lamb from a man who has a farm on Petit Jean Mountain.  He told me most American farmers raise a different kind of lamb, but that his was the same kind I would have had in the Middle East.  My mother warned me it would smell awful, but to me, it just smelled like home.  No one liked it as much as I did, but that just means leftovers for me tomorrow.

Anyway, do you have a good recipe for kefta?  I chopped an onion and about half a bunch of parsely, then mixed in course-ground black pepper and a bit of sea salt.  Formed it into the same shape patties that would have been formed around skewers and baked it for an hour, then broiled until brown on  both sides.  It was good, but still not quite like what I had in the old country.  Maybe more salt?  Or garlic?

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