Horse beaters

 Did anyone watch Glenn Beck on CNN last night?  I did not, but someone who did was able to recite its premise almost verbatim today.  In short, Muslim extremists are among us and planning a “Perfect Storm” that will make the Beslan school attack (near Chechnya) from a couple of years ago seem mild by comparison.  Beck is apparently planning to beat this horse all week.

Here’s a link that details yesterday’s show:

Apparently he’s been hyping this hsyteria for quite a while.  Here’s a transcript from March 20: 

And another from July 19:

Does anyone have a concise resource that decisively skewers this outrageous fearmongering?  Anything short and sweet that quickly paints Glenn Beck for the fascist he is?

PS — There are some interesting articles out there suggesting that there was more to the school slaughter in Beslan than the official explanations.  Sound familiar?  See these links for more: (this website has a great name!)

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