Why your foreign policy scares me

 Gov. Huckabee,

Apparently, you said something about Iranians facing the gates of Hell during your debate last night.  I know you were being picked on last night, but when you fall into the trap of feeling like you have to emote the same neocon bravado as the establishment candidates, it reminds me that your foreign policy expertise (or lack thereof), especially in dealing with the Middle East, is definitely your “weakest link.”

It now turns out that the report of threats to US naval ships from Iranian gunboats may have been over-hyped.  See today’s Washington Post article titled “Iranian Boats May Not Have Made Radio Threat, Pentagon Says” by Robin Wright.  It’s not too late, hopefully before there’s another Gulf of Tonkin incident, to find yourself some advisors who don’t view the Middle East through a prism of fantastical apocalyptic expectations based on unorthodox exegeses.

Please scale down the rabid rhetoric.  It’s hard to take back after you find out you’ve overreacted to a situation that never happened.  Fix this, and I can probably support you.  Continue down this path and I’ll have to vote for someone, anyone, else…

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