You bastards!

 You bastards!  It is clear after Obama’s speech that there is nothing he could possibly do to keep you from incessantly harping on his relationship with his pastor.  Why is it that not a single intrepid reporter has managed to garner an interview with the controversial Christian?  Are you afraid you may have to deal with an intellect greater than your pigmy minds can do battle with?  As much as I hate to do your research for you, you establishment-stooge bobble-head pundits, there is another point of view out there.  It is sober, reasoned, and contrary to the mud-wrestling contest you are trying to turn presidential politics into, it just might offer a way out of the societal swamp you’d like your viewers to wallow in…

 In a 2/20/2008 “On Faith” column (a Newsweek/Washington Post forum), Susan Thistlewaite (an ordained minister of the United Church of Christ since 1974, 11th President of Chicago Theological Seminary, and a Professor of Theology at the seminary for 20 years) said this about Barack Obama’s now-retired pastor:

 Of course Obama learned “The Audacity of Hope” in church. When I am empty and tired and fed up, I too go to Trinity United Church of Christ to be inspired and renewed by the kind of community that knows that life is not just handed to you. You have to hope beyond hope and lift one another up to make it at all. When Dr. Jeremiah Wright, Jr. recently retired as senior pastor at Trinity UCC, I emailed him that I considered him the best theologian, hands down, I had ever heard from the pulpit. And believe me, I’ve heard a lot of preaching in my life.

 I dare you bastards to put Rev. Thistlewaite, a learned white woman who can run circles around you and your so-called experts, on your “news” shows, especially those Hillary suck-up shows like Chris Matthews’ Hardball!  I dare you bastards to examine the arguments of Dr. Jeremiah Wright, Jr. instead of vilifying him as an anti-Semite.  Why don’t you go out into the real world and do some real investigative journalism instead of sitting pretty in your 1984 Orwellian “breaking news” fear factories…

 PS — Please give Chris Matthews a bib and a napkin.  The mere mention of Hillary makes him salivate so much that the spittle really flies when he talks about her…

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