Either Prime Minister Siniora studied at the George Bush – John McSame School of Diplomacy or he is suffering profound memory loss.  According to Haaretz, he has today branded Hezbollah as worse than Israel, saying “even the Israeli enemy never dared to do to Beirut what Hezbollah has done.”

 According to Wikipedia, it is estimated that around 17,825 Arabs were killed during Israel’s 1982 march to Beirut. There are different estimates of the proportion of civilians killed. Beirut newspaper An Nahar estimated that 5515 people, military and civilian, were killed in the Beirut area only during the conflict, and 9797 military personnel (PLO, Syrian, and others) and 2513 civilians were killed outside of the Beirut area.  Approximately 675 Israeli soldiers were killed.

 Siniora also seems also to have forgiven or forgotten Israel’s 2006 rape of Lebanon.  The majority of the Lebanese killed were civilians, and UNICEF estimated that 30% of those killed were children under the age of 13.  The Lebanon Higher Relief Council (HRC) put the Lebanese death toll at 1191, citing the health ministry and police, as well as other state agencies.  They also estimated the number of Lebanese injured to be 4409, 15% of whom were permanently disabled.  The death toll estimates do not include Lebanese killed since the end of fighting by land mines or unexploded Israeli cluster bombs.  So far, these have killed 29 people and wounded 215 — 90 of them children.  Hezbollah rockets killed 43 Israeli civilians, including four who died of heart attacks.  According to Israel’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs, 4262 civilians were injured: 33 seriously, 68 moderately, 1388 lightly, and 2773 (more than half) were treated for “shock and anxiety.”

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