I beg to disagree

 While Obama has shamelessly pandered (along with the rest of them) for the American Jewish vote, he has at the same time demonstrated a grasp of Middle Eastern realities that I have not heard from any other candidate.  And while he has made some errors (in my opinion), he got it right on the big question of our time — Iraq.  What he said about that impending fiasco, what he has said recently about race, and what he wrote (in one of his bestseller books) about his willingness to talk to those who disagree with him all point to an uncommon amount of empathy and common sense that we haven’t seen in an American president in a long, long time.  I sure don’t see those characteristics in any of the so-called proven commodities out there.

 If the election were thrown open to all people on this planet who care about the tyranny of American Empire, then Barack Hussein Obama would win by an epic landslide.  They long for that shining example that once regarded all men as equally created and divinely endowed with inalienable rights.  Whether that America was real or imagined is something historians and retired CIA agents (who know better) can debate for years to come, but there is no doubt that the ideal was a light that pierced the darkest corners where liberty and equality seemed like an impossible dream.  The last thing the rest of the world wants, or needs, is an America that resembles their own oppressive regimes, an America stoned on the cheap opiate of raw power, exercised at the point of a gun, that only offers brutality and unrequited injustice.

 That’s the America that we’ve allowed Prince George to turn us into.  We cower in fear at every threat.  We are mezmerized by every “breaking” event that our once-vaunted Fourth Estate castrati proclaim as newsworthy.  We are rapidly becoming that Orwellian state that another George predicted more than fifty years ago, where…

War is Peace
Freedom is Slavery
Ignorance is Strength

 Or, as Pogo famously said, “we have met the enemy and he is us.”  I don’t know about you, but I’d like to think we can be better than this.  And only one candidate is out there telling us, “Yes we can!”

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Half the country does not trust or does not like Hillary Rodham Clinton and Barak Hussein Obama, while articulate and charismatic, is hardly a proven commodity.  Both herald from the socialist fringes of the political spectrum and see new government programs (and taxes and spending) as the answer to all ills. 

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