Caesar or God?

 To my pastor:

Appreciated today’s reminder that God is still sovereign, even if Americans don’t vote for Obama.  I wish you could have reminded people to try to rise above any lingering racism or other prejudices when deciding to vote.  And to consider a broader, holistic what-would-Jesus-do approach to voting rather than the myriad single-issue, divide-and-conquer strategies being peddled every four years.  But, merely hinting at those things would have been an obvious tip of the hat to one particular candidate (I’m sure you’d be disappointed, but would you be surprised to find that many, many preachers across the nation today are strongly intimating for John McCain today).

During the first prayer, there was a plea for Christian leaders to be elected.  That got far more amens than usual.  Perhaps a better prayer would have been for more Christ-like leaders, regardless of their religion or political affiliation.  It would be interesting to sample the bumper stickers in the church parking lot today and correlate that against our members’ voting behavior.  I suspect that it might confirm my worst suspicions.  The van parked next to me had this sign on it:  NO (with a circle around it and a line drawn through it) b. HUSSEIN obama.  God, in his wisdom and providence, denied me a large red marker or I would have been sorely tempted to scrawl RACIST! across such overt bigotry and ignorance.

 The world beyond these sometimes-united states of America is waiting with anticipation.  I hope they are inspired by what they see happen this week…

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