Voices from Inside

 Marjorie, who co-produced “Voices From Inside” (http://www.voicesfrominside.net) forwarded another article this morning, along with these comments:

 “Having made an Israeli confessional film, I am meeting more and more Jews whose view of the conflict deals with only what degree of an ugly reality they are willing to take on honestly and still avoid censure. The conflict continues to be solely about them. They don’t know Palestinians and if they do, they must be docile, fitting into the narrative and style of the Jewish Left here and the discussion mustn’t ruffle Jewish feathers. What happened to the Palestinian people didn’t end, when the Israelis decided to forget about them.”

 Here’s a link to the article she sent, about a new book by Jamal Krayem Kanj (born in the Nahr El Bared camp in northern Lebanon) titled “Children of Catastrophe: Journey from a Palestinian Refugee Camp to America.”


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