A toast to Helen

 Where else but in America can you pillory the career of an old woman for the mere crime of having the audacity to speak her mind? The purge of the screeching castrati of our fourth estate is now nearly complete – any reporter who dared consider the improbable narrative that always justifies all that Israel is and does is now surely too cowed to openly question the official talking points of the post-WW2 European Diaspora.

Helen Thomas’ brief outburst was little more than an opportunistic diversion from the unwelcome attention Israel continues to receive (deservedly) for its savage flotilla fiasco. Had it not been Helen it would certainly have been someone/something else. These master propagandists know their American benefactors well enough to know that our national attention span is embarrassingly short, to the point of porcine wallowing in the myopic bliss that comes with our willful, fundamentalism-fueled ignorance.

In the unflattering glare of the flotilla fallout, speaking the truth will set you free. These hypocritical bigots, these fascist apologists of apartheid, these raging racist rapists of Lebanon’s greener pastures, and Gaza and Golan and Jenin and Jerusalem – they have finally “emancipated” the indomitable Helen Thomas. So here’s a toast to Miss Helen (as they say down here in the South); may you use your new-found liberty well and may the days you have left be a constant consternation to the bastards who tried to silence you.

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