Can a tree start a war?

 Robert Fisk writes about the latest skirmish along the Lebanon-Israel border, the latest prelude to the next bloody chapter of Israel’s never-ending bullying in the Middle East schoolyard (with America’s blessings, of course)…

Can a tree start a Middle East war? It almost did yesterday.

That such a question can be asked is a symbol of the incendiary state of the region, the mutual distrust of Arabs and Israelis, and the dangerous border of southern Lebanon which was – as so often – drenched in blood yesterday, the blood of three Lebanese soldiers, an Israeli lieutenant-colonel and a Lebanese journalist outside an otherwise nondescript village called Addaiseh. or or

Note that this latest violence occurs just two days after Haaretz reported other nefarious goings-ons along the Lebanese border:

IDF believes Hezbollah broadcasting network sent the plane as provocative measure to mark four years since Lebanon war.

A miniature glider apparently launched by Hezbollah’s broadcasting networking crashed near Lebanon’s border with Israel last month, media sources reported on Sunday.

The Israel Defense Forces believes that the Al-Manar network launched the unmanned plane about two weeks ago as a provocative measure to mark four years since Israel’s war with Hezbollah, which killed more than 1,000 Lebanese.

The glider, which measured only some 50 centimeters, was found in pieces by IDF soldiers. The spokesperson’s office said it found no cameras or explosives aboard the glider, and called it a “model plane, the type you can by in a store.” or or

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