Arrogance and ignorance, together again, in this letter to the editor:

Don’t call it “Ground Zero”

Dear editor:

The following was sent to Mayor Michael Bloomberg, New York City, and Newt Gingrich, whose political committee is American Solutions for Winning the Future.

“How many Frenchmen does it take to defend Paris? No one knows! It has never been done!” This is a joke that has made the rounds.

In 732, the Franks, forerunners to France, led by Charles Martel the Hammer, routed the Islamic invaders in such a complete rout they fled leaving all the loot and booty from their marauding in Spain. The Battle of Tours, also referred to as the Battle of Poitiers, was decisive for the future of Europe. It stopped the spread of Islam in Europe until recent years.

Designating the 9/11 site as Ground Zero makes it a feather in the cap of the Islamic advance towards a Global Caliphate. They see it as a victory for Islam. The revolt of the American citizens against a mosque being built there reflects the mood of our country.

Rather than use the name “Ground Zero,” I feel a name that depicts a feeling of defeat for the advancing of Islamic aggression would be a better name. Use the following: 732, Martel, Charles the Hammer, Tours, or Poitiers. By naming it thus, it will bring to mind the greatest defeat given to Islamic aggression.

Doesn’t Mayor Bloomberg understand that if Islam became the dominant controlling factor in our country, he would be among the first to be disposed of? Someone should point out to him the Quran and get him to study it. It is not a matter of “freedom of religion,” it is a matter of defending our country from becoming a portion of the “Grand Caliphate.”

Newt, most of our citizens do not have an inkling of the goal of Islam. By making the name other than Ground Zero, maybe they may be enlightened. Keep up what you are doing for our country. I am with you all the way.

[name deleted]
Hot Springs

The Sentinel Record, 8/12/2010, page 8

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