This little gem, titled “Islam a legal system,” appeared on page 8 of the opinion section of the September 23, 2010 Sentinel Record

Dear editor:

Regarding Mr. Vogt’s defense of Islam in America, I have two websites for him to check if he is seriously interested in the subject of religious freedom and Sharia Law: http://www. and http://www. realimam-feisal-abdul-rauf.

One of them is written by a Muslim woman. Of course, I am all for religious freedom. I thoroughly enjoy my own freedom of religious thought. However, Islam is a legal system. It is not a religion as we know it. You will read in these sites how this Imam Rauf, who is trying to build a mosque near the site of the 9/11 tragedy, believes that the United States was complicit in that horrible act. And he states that his goal is to bring America into more compliance with Sharia Law.

You will also discover what Sharia Law really is. Maybe you would like to put your wife in a black cover with only her face visible, but I’ll bet you a hundred bucks she wouldn’t like it! And perhaps if your teenage son stole anything from a loaf of bread to a motorcycle, you’d like to see his left hand amputated? I think our legal system, plus forgiveness, is much better, myself. Mr. Vogt, if we grant religious freedom to Islam, that is what is going to be going on in our country. Is this the religious freedom you want for our country? I think not.

I cannot comment on the church you mentioned who is welcoming an Islamic community. They are probably nice Southerners who are kind to everyone, but they may also be without knowledge of Sharia Law. Under the shah, Iran was moderate and we had many friends. But I already told you what happened when Khomeini came in and wrested power to himself. Even your children’s pet doggie would have to have been killed! Your teenagers would have to give up all their music. Are you aware of all this?

In the 20 years of the Islamic plan to take over America, they will reproduce themselves until they can vote any imam they want into the presidency of the U.S. and our country is dead. Please, please, educate yourselves, folks!

[name deleted]
Hot Springs

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