Today’s YB! award…

From:  Monsieur d’Nalgar
To:  Sam Stein
Subject: Today’s award…
Date: Fri, 19 Nov 2010 11:51:44 -0700

It’s been a while since I awarded a “You Bastard!” prize for overt nincompoopery by one of the morning-show bobble-heads, one of the screeching castrati remnants of our once-vaunted Fourth Estate.

Your comments this morning about the efficiency and civility of Israel’s “enhanced” passenger screening techniques were outrageous!  (By the way, what other example of tortured English recently usurped the word “enhanced?”)  Try going through an Israeli airport as a Palestinian, or a peace activist.  I daresay your treatment will not be as genteel as it is for the chosen people and their evangelical stooges coming over to bask in the messianic afterglow that still lingers over the Holy Land some two thousand years after the original residents were “left behind.”

You are a smart man.  I usually enjoy your writing and you often bring a measure of sanity to the raucous insanity that passes for news these days.  Today, however, you exhibited the Tom Friedman syndrome, wherein your love of Israel trumped objective journalism.  Sad.

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