Dear editor

So America’s millionaires, loyal patriots that they all are, get to keep their Bushy tax break…

Here’s a kindly suggestion for an intrepid journalist (if there be any left among the screeching castrati of our once-vaunted fourth estate) – follow these obese felines for the next two years and report back to the rest of us.  Hopefully before the elections of 2012.

Fat cats should be pretty easy to track, I’d think.  Most millionaires don’t hide their worldly treasures.  Look for fast cars and gaudy mansions and paychecks that are several hundred times larger than Joe the Plumber’s.

Found them?  Good.  Now that they’ve been saved from the horrors of an Obama tax increase, please track how many jobs they create, in America, over the next two years.  How many boats will they float with their trickle-down, rising-tide good fortunes?  How much business will they resurrect, like a born-again phoenix, from the ashes of America’s ruined economy?

We’ll even start from scratch and pretend their dismal behavior over the last ten years was a statistical anomaly.  Let’s forget all that.  Let bygones be bygones.  That’s water under the bridge.  Spilt milk that’s no use crying over.

Surely the next two years will justify the faith teabagged Americans blindly re-invested in the Grandiose Old Party.  Surely all those jobs that fled to warmer, cheaper climes will come rushing back now that our millionaires (loyal patriots that they are) have a wee bit more deep-pocket change from daddy’s inheritance to fling at the feet of we the people.

And surely we the people will shout huzzahs and sing hosannas, for we have been saved from the cavalier Kenyan by Roving Boehners and raving Becks!  And surely, after all those minimum-wage jobs have come home to America, the people can finally pay enough taxes to afford their own luxuries, ungodly socialist things like roads and schools and healthcare and clean water and safe food.


Jacques d’Nalgar
Hot Springs, Arkansas

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  1. Published, largely intact, in today’s Hot Springs Sentinel Record…

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