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Amnesty International posters – in pictures

The Observer, Sunday 3 April 2011

Amnesty has produced powerful posters over the past 50 years. Here are some of the best…

La Colombe et le Prisonnier, 1959
A poster with an image donated to Amnesty by Pablo Picasso

Prisoner of Conscience, 1969 (Netherlands)
Designed by Joop Lieverst, a General Amnesty International poster depicting a Prisoners of Conscience

Freedom in the 80s, 1980 (Japan)
Poster by Yosuke Kawamura for the campaign Freedom in the 80s

Amnesty International, 1995 (Israel)
A poster for the Israeli branch by graphic designer Lemel Yossi

Death Penalty, 1987 (US)
By Goodby, Silverstein and Berlin, created when the rate of executions in the USA was accelerating

They Cannot Muzzle the Light, 1980 (France)
Poster by the French artist Alain Carrier based on a quote by Victor Hugo: “You cannot muzzle the light”

Flight From Tyranny, 1975 (US)
A lithograph by Alexander Calder for Prisoner of Conscience Year

Afghan Refugee, Peshawar, 2010 (US)
Photographed by Steve McCurry in Pakistan

Political prisoners, the world over, 1981 (Germany)
General Amnesty poster

The Real Face of Turkey, 1980 (UK)
Poster for the planned Amnesty International Turkey campaign in 1980, which never took place due to the military coup of September 12, 1980. The poster, aimed at potential tourists to the country, wanted to increase awareness of human rights violations in Turkey

Amnesty International, Greece (1979)
Poster by Nriva Kapaxalov campaigning against political killings

Become the Torturers’ Nightmare, 2006 (Belgium)
An apparition shows how signatures will haunt those who violate human rights

Rope Man, 1972 (Switzerland)
By Bill Guhl and Beat Knoblauch for the Campaign Against Torture

Football Yes, Torture No, 1978 (Germany)
Sent a strong message to Argentina’s junta as cup hosts

Prisoner Of Conscience, 1977 (US)
By the Spanish painter Juan Miró to mark the Amnesty year

Universal Declaration of Human Rights, 1988 (US)
by Woody Pirtle to mark its 40th anniversary

Human Rights are Women’s Rights, 1994 (Egypt)
Poster created by Amnesty International Egypt for the major international campaign on women’s rights

Muhammad Ali – Lifetime Achievement Award, 1998 (US)
Muhammad Ali, giving his endorsement to the campaign against the use of the Stun Belt. Muhammad Ali has been the recipient of countless awards for his humanitarian efforts. Amnesty International honoured him with their “Lifetime Achievement Award”

Two Fists, 1977 (US)
Designed by the Polish artist and graphic designer Roman Cieslewicz

50th anniversary poster, 2011 or or

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