Teabagger’s lament

Monsieur d’Nalgar’s introduction:  This Fourth of July ramble, a tear-stained xenophobic summation of just about everything she thinks is wrong with America (according to her spoon-fed propaganda), appeared on page 6A of today’s Sentinel Record.  Enjoy.

Protect our America

Dear editor:

My fellow Americans, where are our heroes? Some are easy to identify. Some wear uniforms, badges or tire gear. Some drive ambulances. Some are in plain clothes, but every day they put their own safety aside and jump into waters to rescue strangers. They teach our children in school and at church. They have all given some and some have given all. We can never thank them enough. They do these things because they love God, country and family. It takes courage they don’t even know they have. God bless our heroes.

But even with all these heroes – men, women, young and old – we are in trouble. We search but cannot find the leaders we need to rescue us. OK, then, we won’t depend on leaders. We have to depend on ourselves. Not alone, but by joining hands and hearts to strengthen one another and pull ourselves out of this mess.

l remember my father, a 27-year veteran of the United States Army. He loved this country so much. He served with courage, he received two Purple Hearts. He wasn’t a Truman fan, but thought it took great courage to end a horrible war with his actions. Doing the right thing is usually hard. Years ago, this country was respected and feared in a healthy way. We led the world in liberties and rights. Masses rushed to our shores to live the American Dream. They came here to better their lives and their families. They helped make this country strong and free.

Now we are a nation that is a joke, weakened by its leadership. We are no longer respected. We have turned a blind eye to the evil ones who dwell within our borders. Some boldly came with the desire to destroy us. There are those who just want to suck us dry. Some of our own citizens think that life owes them to make them feel comfortable without having to lift a hand to take care of themselves. They all want change. Change from what? Change from being the home of the free and brave? Free to be able to grow up and have your own career, your own home and practice your own faith. The changes we see are a government that wants to tell us what to eat, what kind of car to drive, what kind of light bulb to use in our homes, and what kind of health care we can have. Do we want a socialized government? The next step is Communism.

We are Americans. We want the freedom to choose for ourselves. We live in a republic, not a democracy. Our voice and our will should be heard. Our Founding Fathers knew what direction this land should go. The documents they drew up for us are envied around the world. With God’s direction, they blessed us. We need to wake up, speak up, stand up and then fall to our knees to plead for righteous guidance that will heal this land.

We are now involved in four wars, draining our resources. And in Libya, we are supporting the very terrorists who chant, “Death to Americans,” and want to see every Jew dead. We turn our backs on our friends for what? Where is our strength, our courage? l have only one voice; you do, too. Together they can be heard far and wide.

Be one of those who can lend a helping hand, not one who holds a hand out for help. My fellow Americans, I love you; God loves you. And he has given us this special place to call home. Let’s show him how grateful we are. We must protect her. “l may not know what tomorrow holds, but I know who holds tomorrow.”

Carolyn O. Connor (Md’N – isn’t she just precious?)
Hot Springs

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  1. Kudos from a fellow patriot in the Thursday, July 7 2011 Sentinel Record:

    Must sacrifice for freedom

    Dear editor:

    Re the Monday, July 4, letter by Carolyn O. Connor.

    I have been attempting to put into words a commentary expressing much the same as this letter, however, she has said it much more eloquently. I agree with her entire letter.

    I would only add that the American people must be prepared to sacrifice it all, as many have, to preserve our republic and the freedoms we enjoy. Freedoms come with responsibilities.

    I fear our leaders today lack the interest, integrity or fortitude to meet the desires and needs of the people and the nation to restore and protect our freedoms.

    I thank you for your letter and the insights therein.

    Charles Lilly
    Hot Springs

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