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A public service from Monsieur d’Nalgar:  I watched this codswallop so you don’t have to (you’re welcome).  This is the latest offering from the Garland County Tea Party:


Hi-fi version:

Monsieur d’Nalgar’s painstaking notes:

  • Garland County Tea Party = 3500 members?!
  • Invalidation of US Constitution by a force, come to be known as New World Order (in conjunction with the United Nations!)
  • New World Order = shadow government = socialism/marxism/communism
  • “We the people are America’s last great hope for preserving liberty”
  • Nefarious code words to watch for:  UN Agenda 21, ICLEI, Project 60, Council of Foreign Relations
  • Bush 1 & 2 and Clinton and Obama violated the Constitution (oh, who will repeal the executive orders they signed which violated the Constitution?)
  • Idaho governor, a Republican no less, has already given away 1000s of acres just south of Boise (to create a Chinese city?) to Chinese government as part of ICLEI which is, in turn, part of UN Project 60
  • Chinese who come to work here under ICLEI will get auto USA citizenship
  • OMG, the mayor of NLR is US chairman of ICLEI (another one of those benign-sounding dangers aimed at the heart of the nation)
  • OMG#2, ICLEI, which operates in conjunction with Project 60, codifies regulations set forth in UN Agenda 21
  • Executive Order 13575 signed June 9, 2011 combines 25 departments including defense, justice, homeland security, commerce, interior, EPA, housing, health education, to name just a few
  • Stated object of EO 13575 is to increase federal regulation of food production, land use, and implement cap&trade (rhetorical:  which obviously can’t be done at same time as we rebuild America’s economy, can it?!)
  • The choice is stark:  freedom under the Constituion or domination by the NWO
  • There is no issue Americans can’t solve if we have the rights and protections our founding fathers gave us
  • On the other hand, without property rights, what good is money?
  • Without First Amendment (freedom of speech) rights, we have no rights at all as persons, either individually or collectively
  • One person’s rant from the Chicago stock exchange, televised on CNBC, caused a tidal wave of people to come together to make their voices heard
  • The rant: “How many of you people want to pay for your neighbor’s mortgage that has an extra bathroom and can’t pay their bills?  Raise your hand!”  [boos]  Turns to camera, “President Obama, are you listening?!”
  • Tea party must become like huge brick wall to stop the NWO in its tracks (ironically, picture is of Great Wall of China)
  • Goal of UN Agenda 21 “Wildlands Project” (according to official map) is to return half of all American land to “core wilderness reserves” (red) surrounded by “buffer” areas (yellow)
  • No human activity allowed in red areas, humans will only be “allowed” to live in black areas (according to official map), “urbanized, stackable, eco-habitat”
  • All commuting will be via mass public transportation, but most of country will be off-limits to humans
  • While you’re quelling your nausea (at all these conspiracies), go ahead and look up “North American Federation” (open borders on this continent, and both GW and Clinton signed it!)
  • Pleasepleaseplease forward video’s message to tea parties, candidates, journalists, radio & TV hosts, and individuals you know
  • This is as significant as any battle America has faced — make the US Constitution vs. the NWO the most talked-about issue in the nation!
  • May Providence guide our way
  • During September 11 – 18, Garland Tea Party is holding seminars at county fair on the topic of “US Constitution vs. the NWO”
  • Finale (finally):  I heard a story about a fire that was raging out of control for many days, it was getting very close to a major city.  A news reporter asked the fire chief what could be done to save the city.  Chief replied “Nothing can save us now except a shift in the wind.”  May our American tea parties, working in unison, each in their own way, be the shift in the wind that’s needed to make this election one that can save the American dream.
  • All feedback welcome (

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