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Wants country back


Dear editor:

I awake every morning to a day of my president dismantling another part of our society.

I have tried to ignore the effect he could have on the country, because he is only one man, right? Unfortunately, like me, there are too many people that feel the same way. We are sitting back and letting a single man dismantle the country for whom so many have fought and died.

Our social network is being set up to protect those who have no intention of bettering themselves. Those who live on handouts from our government have no intention of getting off assistance as long as they have no desire or motivation to earn those incentives.

When will we as people come together and realize that regardless of which party we support, you cannot support the dismantling of our country and the exceptional role that it plays in keeping people free. Regardless of party affiliation, we surely cannot accept what is happening to our nation.

Our religious beliefs are under attack. Our families are under attack. Our schools are under attack. Our constitution is under attack. Marriage is under attack. Health care is under attack, Our nation’s boarders are under attack. Businesses are under attack. Our basic freedom is under attack.

More and more regulations are being passed to take more and more of our freedoms. Those freedoms remaining are slowly being stripped from our control and being designated to the government. This nation was founded because our forefathers demanded freedom form oppression. The desire to create a country under this premise was more important than life itself.

Since that time, many patriots have fallen in defense of that freedom and the chance to pass that legacy on to future generations. The expectation was that those future generations would stand up and defend this freedom paid for by such a great cost. What has happened to us? We have allowed politics to cloud our vision and enable our government to fill this void.

I want my country back. I want to be proud of my achievements without being made to feel that I achieved that success at the expense of others. I want to allow people to excel due to hard work. I would like to see the politics out of our schools and churches and allow people to again determine their destiny through prayer and discipline. Even those who do not pray believe in a greater power. They just believe it is government. So be it! Pray to your “god” and see where it gets you. You have an open ear in the White House.

The only consolation caused by the loss of our freedoms is the coming together of “We The People.” History has taught us, and especially in the United States, that we will only be pushed so far, before taking it upon ourselves to regain what was lost. I feel an undercurrent building that will not allow loss of these freedoms without a fight. I hope that fight happens at the voting booth this fall.

Edward K. Cherry
Hot Springs


This absurd-but-typical letter to the editor was published in the Sunday, July 22, 2012 editorial section of The Sentinel Record.  My response was published today and is included in the comments section that follows.  Enjoy,

– Monsieur d’Nalgar

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  1. After reading Sunday morning’s cherry-picked paranoia “Wants country back” (July 22), we weren’t sure if it was safe to go outside. Religious beliefs are under attack. So too are our families and schools. And the Constitution. And marriage. Health care and boarders [sic] and businesses are all under attack. And if that doesn’t cover all the bases, even our “basic freedom” is under attack.

    Wow! Who knew the situation was so desperate?

    Still, just the day before, the newspaper’s weekly religion section was chock full of meeting times, sermon topics, singings, and celebrity appearances. Not a hint of an attack looming or underway. So, with fear and trembling, we girded our loins and went to church despite the clear and present danger. Amazing. There were no sandbags around the entrance. No armed guards or bullet holes. No metal detectors.

    After church, we drove by a local school. As far as we could tell, there were no teachers and students cowered behind barricades. No barbed wire. No hordes of dusky infidels storming the perimeter. We called our son in Oklahoma and our daughter in Kansas. Was an insurrection under way? Are the roads open? Can you get home if you have to, or is our family forever torn asunder? Mom, Dad – everything is OK here. It’s hot, but no attacks.

    But what about our dear Constitution, that centuries-old relic written by aristocratic slave owners? Is it too under attack? Are there really efforts underway to forge a new commie-European socialist replacement? If so, the effort must surely be double-naught clandestine – not even those intrepid reporters at Fox News have been able to expose this dastardly conspiracy. Oh, where is Glenn Beck when you need him most?

    As for marriage, we’re going to be celebrating our 30th anniversary in a few days. If “she who must be obeyed” can endure me for three long decades, then the ancient institution of holy matrimony is surely strong enough to survive a few trumped-up attacks. If it’s not, then it deserves to be attacked. And health care as we know it in America needs to be attacked, but that’s a different letter altogether…

    Illegal border crossings from Mexico are at their lowest rate in 40 years. Oops. Kinda destroys the “we’re under attack” narrative doesn’t it? Maybe all those nefarious types are catching a magic bus to Canada or Cuba, and storming the beaches of Florida and the 49th parallel.

    Or maybe these attacks exist only in fevered imaginations fertilized by a well-oiled, 24-hour propaganda machine that spews nothing but fear and loathing, especially against that black man in the people’s White House. Who knows? All I can say is that we drove around for several hours this morning and were never attacked. Not even once.

    [Jacques d’Nalgar]
    Hot Springs, Arkansas

    • Jimmy on July 28, 2012 at 12:51 pm

    In our collective search to know the truth, here’s something to think about. Its important to remember that individual liberty and freedom isn’t lost overnight. It’s lost incrementally, little by little, inch by inch its a cinch. So consider this.

    –The TSA grabs your junk whether you’re black or white, whether you voted Republican or Democrat.
    –The drones fly over your backyard, whether you’re black, white, Republican or Democrat.
    –When the banks come to foreclose on people’s homes, they put you out in the street, regardless of whether or not you’re black or white, a Republican or a Democrat.
    –Studies show blacks, whites, Republicans and Democrats all continue to file for bankruptcy.
    –You can be forced to buy health insurance, or pay a penalty, whether or not you’re black, white, Republican or Democrat.

    Did I miss anybody? Sure I did, lots of other diverse individuals, but none of them are exempt either.

    Sound like freedom to you?

    Without freedom, you can’t be anything–not even a songwriter, a film maker or a blogger.
    Without freedom, you can’t do anything–except what you’re told to do.

    I Want My Country Back VIDEO

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