Voice from an impostor?

The Lord is watching

Dear editor:

This letter is for the evangelicals, those who have accepted Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior, adhering to the New Testament as their source for moral and ethical guidance.

Let me ask you a question. How can you continue to be a Democrat? The 2012 Democratic National Convention didn’t want to acknowledge the Creator God until forced. It agreed to mention Him once. It also did not want to acknowledge Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.

The Democrats embrace same-sex marriage, also late-term abortion — issues that you as a Christian disapprove of. In the other hand, the RNC constantly acknowledges God in its messages. Many speakers ended their addresses saying, “God bless America” and “God bless the delegates.” The RNC also make known its support of Israel and their right to proclaim Jerusalem as their capital.

Take the time to look into the mirror and ask yourself, “Who am I, am I a Democrat just because it’s my party” or are you willing to face reality and accept your calling — standing for righteousness. The Lord is watching you.

Craig Joyner
Hot Springs

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