For Mittfist Bombney and Barracks Obomba

words to the foolish
letters to the wise

By Jamie Reid, October 4, 2012


Starting from itch, we went to scratch, then to bite.
This is the practice of letters, not words. Still less, sentences.
Senseless. The letter of the logos. The litter of the low goose.
The glitter of the glow loose. At list!

Just because speaking goes on does not mean something meaning something
is being said.
Say anything, say serious, say something, say no, say yes, say so.

What’s said is said, and done, done, even when undone.
One does what one does and two do what to do.

When all is said and all is done, all’s done, all’s said, all’s well said, or at least, well enough.

Let’s say something then. A word, two words, towards two birds.
Two little dickie birds sitting on a fence.
Say “Fly away, Peter!” Say “Fly away, Paul!”

And away they fly like chickens out of the hencoop
feathers flying.

All now gone, all flown. Gone with the flow.
Flown with the gone.
The dancers to the dancing gone.


Photograph (modified) of President Obama and former Massachussetts Governor Romney, October 2, 2012 (AP).

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