Awkward questions

One last letter before these portentous elections, a short compendium of awkward questions. Here’s hoping they all survive our small-town editor’s butchery…

  • Given how simple-minded Arkansas politicians have once again embarrassed themselves and their constituents and our kinda unnatural state, is there any doubt now that Republicans are the preferred party for Islamophobic racists?
  • After WW2, Americans got cozy with Middle East monarchs and tyrants who in turn got cozy with Muslim fundamentalists, a witch’s brew that suppressed decades-old yearnings for freedom and dignity in return for an uninterrupted flow of cheap oil. Meanwhile, transplanted from the ashes of WW2 to the very same, oily, “rough” neighborhood, an apartheid nation in an unholy land gets cozy with Christian fundamentalists (itching for Armageddon) in return for billions of uninterrupted, uncritical dollars. After the “surprise” terrorism of 9-11 and more than a decade of misbegotten wars, are there any lingering doubts that neither policy has well-served America’s best interests?
  • If letting the richest among us pay less in taxes encourages them to dole out jobs to the less fortunate (also among us, if anyone cares to notice), then whatever happened during the eight lean, long years of junior Bush’s presidency? And why do we now, just four short years later, expect a sudden reversal of fortunes from a Mormon elitist who claims more tax deductions for his fancy dancing horses than most Americans make in a year?
  • Why have Americans decided that healthcare is a commodity to be bought and sold on the open market? Why don’t we dole out police and fire protection the same way?  Why don’t we out-source prisons and military services the same way … (oh wait, we have!)
  • How is it that the very same people who are pro-war, pro-torture, pro-theocracy, and pro-fear (of just about everything and everyone who ain’t exactly like us) are also those who claim to be pro-life and pro-Jesus patriots?


By Monsieur d’Nalgar

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