Very Rare Pictures of Beirut




Karantina 1880
Karantina 1880

Horsh Beirut 1889
Horsh Beirut 1889

Beirut - Ein El Mreisseh in 1890
Beirut – Ein El Mreisseh in 1890: college hall in AUB (upper right) was already built..with its clock tower

Sahat Al Bourj 1890
Sahat Al Bourj (now Martyrs’ Square), 1890

Beirut train station in 1896
Beirut train station in 1896

Beirut train station in 2008
Beirut train station 2008

Gemmayzeh near Sahat Al Bourj circa 1900
Gemmayzeh near Sahat Al Bourj, circa 1900

Hawd El Wilayeh school 1900
Hawd El Wilayeh school, 1900

Hawd El Wilayeh school today
Same today…

Port of Beirut 1909
Port of Beirut, 1909

Beirut horch 1914
Beirut horch (pine wood), 1914

Bab Essaraya 1920
Bab Essaraya 1920: Hotel Le Gray now near annahar Building

The wall of Beirut 1911a
The wall of Beirut 1911b
The wall of Beirut, 1911. The remains of the wall of Beirut near what is now Riad Solh sq, the Area was still called by the Beirutis Assour or Al-sour (the wall) until 1975

Rue de Douyane 1912
Rue de Douyane – Orosdi Beick Department Store 1912

Rue Georges Picot 1920
Rue Georges Picot, 1920 : Where the Starco Center is now, It used to be the Collège Protestant.

Rue Weygand 1930
Rue Weygand, corner Foch, 1930 : you can see Municipality of Beirut at the right side and the Masjid Al-Omari at left side

Sahat Al Bourj circa 1930
Sahat Al Bourj, now Martyrs’ square, circa 1930

Bourj-Martyrs square 1935
Bourj/Martyrs square, 1935

Emir Bechir 1937
Emir Bechir st. 1937 Ahwet El Ejez on the right corner

Place des Martyrs 1942
Place des Martyrs, 1942

A Christian and a Muslim Lebanese women holding hands.  This monument was removed after the construction of the Martyrs Monument in the 50’s

Bab Idriss 1945
Bab Idriss, 1945

Nejmeh Square 1950
Nejmeh Square, 1950 : View toward Maarad st. and Hussein El-Ahdab st.

Zeitouneh 1950
Zeitouneh, 1950

Crossroads rue Maurice Barrès 1952
Crossroads rue Maurice Barrès, rue de l’armée & rue du Patriarche Hoayek, 1952: Grand Sérail on the right, Armenian church in the middle, Anglican church on the left.

Beirut Municipality 1952
Beirut Municipality, 1952

Ain Mraisseh 1953
Ain Mraisseh, 1953 Students demonstration John Kennedy Ave

Horsh – Hyppodrome 1954
Horsh – Hyppodrome 1954

Souk elKandarjieh 1955
Souk elKandarjieh 1955

Souk elArman 1955
entrance of Souk elArman1955

Verdun 1958
Verdun (now building where are Sipes, Alain Aflelou and Jammal trust Bank) 1958

Rebels in Basta 1958
Rebels in Basta, 1958. A Lebanese tradition

Basta 1958
Basta, 1958

Lebanese Army on Bliss 1958
Lebanese Army on Bliss st. near IC, 1958

Airport road 1958
Airport road, 1958 replaced now by illegal construction

Beirut airport in 1960
Beirut Intl. airport in 1960

Phoenicia Hotel under construction 1961
Phoenicia Hotel under construction, 1961

Phoenicia Hotel inaugurated 1964
Phoenicia Hotel inaugurated, 1964

Beirut Souk 1965
3attarein Street – Beirut Souk, 1965

Corner of Allenby 1965
Corner of Allenby street & Souk El-Joukh 1965

Nejmeh Square 1965
Nejmeh Square, 1965

Going to Basta 1965
Going to Basta from Riad Solh square in 1965.

Beirut 1974
Beirut, 1974: Lebanese Jewish students coming back from the Alliance Israélite school.

Ain tineh 1974
Ain tineh 1974

Carlton Hotel 1974
Carlton Hotel (Raouche) 1974

Riad El-Solh 1974
Riad El-Solh sq, 1974

Nejmeh Square 1974
Nejmeh Square, 1974 : notice that the El-Abd clock tower was moved in the late 60’s to Corniche Al Nahr in order to make place to Roman ruins.


From 1975  time stopped………  and memories weren’t needed anymore

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    Fantastic, thank you for the memories,especially those of the fifties years.

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    شكرا على المعلومات والصور المدجة في هذا الرابط ونحن ننتظر المزيد

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