Radical ignorance

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Dear editor:

Some of you might remember that I predicted that Barack Obama would become the absolute worst president in history. With the disgraceful, despicable, arrogant and reckless way he has been operating, he’s certainly right on track in earning that most dishonorable distinction!

Many people try to make all kinds of excuses for the extremely poor performance of America’s first black president. Commonly, people say that he is criticized a lot just because he is a black man! How weak that argument is!

I wonder why other black people don’t mind strongly criticizing him, such as Dr. Ben Carson or Col. Alan West (former congressman)? If it isn’t racial, then there must be something else wrong.

For those of you who are willing to do some research, you will begin to realize exactly what influenced Obama to become the kind of man that he is.

One of the most revealing books available, “Obama’s America” by Dinesh D’souza, tells about the early influence by Obama’s muslim father and then later by some very radical mentors. Even though Obama was only 10 years old when he had a relationship with his father, that influence was very strong upon him (as detailed in the book).

Like many young boys, Obama wanted to be like his dad and follow in his footsteps. The book clearly describes Obama Sr. as a radical, so if Obama wanted to also become a revolutionary, he needed to hang out with real revolutionaries. These radicals are described as being Obama’s “Founding Fathers!”

So, who were these influential “fathers?” In Hawaii, he came under the influence of the former communist Frank Marshall Davis; at Columbia, he encountered the Palestinian radical Edward Said; at Harvard, Obama’s mentor was the Brazilian socialist Roberto Mangabeira Unger; in Chicago, Obama befriended the revolutionary preacher Jeremiah Wright (whose philosophy an be summed up in the phrase, “God damn America”) and also the former Weather Underground terrorist Bill Ayers. Later on, the radical Saul Alinsky also influenced him greatly. Never before has America had a president tutored and mentored by a group of radicals like these!

Getting back to Obama’s father, we learn that he had an intense hatred of America and Britain and their dominating and colonizing the other countries around the world. Obama Sr. viewed America as being the evil troublemaker of the wold who had too much influence and power.

With an ideology such as this being passed on down to Obama, the son, you can begin to clearly understand why that, in President Obama’s view, when America declines, as she most certainly has under this evil leader, that is a very good thing to him, since the weaker we become, the more quickly we will be defeated! That’s Obama’s whole agenda — the destruction of America!

Some critics say that Obama is a complete fool who doesn’t know what he’s doing and that he is even naive. I say that we had all better wake up soon because we’re the ones who are being fooled and are terribly naive!

Lloyd Hoffman
Hot Springs

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